SDE: 121 Substitute Teacher Authorization

Substitute Teacher Authorization - Fact Sheet #121

Substitute Teacher Authorization

Each local school district has its own application process and set of requirements. It is, therefore, suggested that you contact each board of education to determine your eligibility to substitute teach in that district.

If you hold a bachelorís degree from an approved institution, you may serve as a substitute teacher in one district all school year without a substitute teacher authorization, as long as you do not teach more than 40 days in the same assignment.

If you substitute more than 40 days in one district in the same assignment, the district must apply to the Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification for a substitute teacher authorization. If you substitute at the elementary level, secondary level, or in special education beyond 40 days in the same assignment, you must have a minimum of 12 semester hours of credit in the subject area you are teaching.

If you hold a valid Connecticut teaching certificate, a certificate of eligibility, or a standard or a permanent certificate, you may serve as a substitute teacher without any further authorization if your certificate is subject and grade appropriate. However, you may not substitute teach for more than 40 days in one district in the same assignment without a substitute teacher authorization if your teaching certificate is not subject and grade appropriate.

Candidates who do not hold a bachelorís degree

Under special circumstances, a superintendent may request a waiver of the bachelorís degree requirement for a substitute teacher. In such cases, the superintendent of the school system must request approval from the Department of Education. The waiver may be granted to an individual who is:

  • at least 18 years of age;
  • a high school graduate; and
  • has previous experience with school age children.

If a waiver is granted, candidates who do not possess a bachelorís degree may substitute in any one school district for the school year in random assignments and/or may substitute for up to 40 days in the same assignment.

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