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School Readiness Documents

The School Readiness ALERT system has been revised and streamlined into two categories: General Policy (GP) and Program Operations (PO). The GPs provide guidance for School Readiness Councils to implement school readiness and quality enhancement programs. The POs provide guidance to subgrantees to implement school readiness and quality enhancement programs. GPs and POs will be posted on the State Department of Education Web site and disseminated to mayors, superintendents, school readiness chairs and liaisons who in turn shall disseminate to all sub-grantees. Each GP and PO is numbered to correspond to the state fiscal year starting in January of 2009.
General Policy (GP) and Program Operations (PO) Documents

General Policy and Program Operations Documents 

  • GP_15_04  Early Childhood Educator Requirements in State-Funded Programs New
  • GP_14_10  School Readiness Council Membership, Responsibilities, and the Role of the Liaison New
  • GP_14_05  Definitions of Space Types, Categories of Care New
  • GP_14_03  Eligibility for program enrollment including income, residency yard work New
  • GP_14_02  Fees, Fee Schedule and Per-Child Contributions New
  • GP_14_01  2013-2014 Income Guidelines and Per-Child Fee Schedules New
  • GP_09_09  Early Childhood Professional Development Registry
  • GP_09_08  2007-09 ECERS-R Interim Quality Standard
  • GP_09_07  Commitments to CHEFA Financed Tax-exempt Loans
  • GP_09_06  Policy for Programs Meeting NAEYC Accreditation Requirements
    • Meeting School Readiness Requirement for Accreditation by NAEYC [PDF
  • GP_09_05  Approval Systems
  • GP_09_03  Grantee Budget Guidance
  • GP_09_01  Nonsectarian Policy for School Readiness Programs
  • PO_09_05  School Readiness Spaces for Children with an IEP
  • PO_09_06  Start-up Costs
  • PO_09_02  FY 2009 Space Reimbursement Fees for Full-Day

Technical Assistance Documents  

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