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2012: The Year for Education Reform [PDF]

Bullying and Harassment in Connecticut: A Guide for Parents and Guardians

Certification Publications and Booklets

Choose Success!: A Guide to Public School Choice for Students and Their Families

Clinical Procedure Guidelines for Connecticut School Nurses [PDF] [EPUB]

The Coaching and Self-Reflection Tool for Competency in Teaching English Learners

Concussion Education Plan and Guidelines for Connecticut Schools [PDF]

Condition of Education in Connecticut 2004-05 [PDF] 2005-06 [PDF] 2006-07 [PDF] 2007-08 [PDF] 2009-10 [PDF] 2010-11 [PDF] 2012-13 [PDF] 2013-14 [PDF] 2014-15 [PDF]

Connecticut Assistive Technology Guidelines (2013) [PDF] [EPUB]

Connecticut Education Directory 

Connecticut Education Laws 2015 [PDF] 2017 [PDF]

Connecticut Elementary and Secondary Social Studies Frameworks [PDF] [EPUB]

Connecticut High School Science Safety: Prudent Practices and Regulations  [PDF]

Connecticut Middle School Science Safety: Prudent Practices and Regulations  [PDF]

Connecticut's Framework for RTI - Using Scientific Research - Based Interventions (SRBI): Improving Education for All Students (Full Publication) [PDF]  

Early Childhood Guide [PDF]

Education Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Lead Poisoning in Children [EPUB]

Field Trips: Guidance for School Nurses [PDF]

Guidelines for Adapted Physical Education: Competent, Confident, Joyful Moving for a Lifetime (2012)  [PDF] [EPUB]

Guidelines for Alternative School Settings

Guidelines for Excused and Unexcused Absences [PDF]

Guidelines for In-School and Out-of-School Suspensions [PDF]

Guidelines for the Practice of School Psychology

Guidelines for the Sexual Health Education Component of Comprehensive Health Education [PDF] [EPUB]

Health Promotion Services/School Nurse Publications

Healthy and Balanced Living Curriculum Framework [PDF]

Practice Guidelines for Delivery of School Social Work Services: Promoting the Social-Emotional Competencies of Students Linking Families, Schools and Communities [PDF] [EPUB]

Reducing Chronic Absence in Connecticut's Schools: A Prevention and Intervention Guide for Schools and Districts

Report from the Connecticut Commission on Educational Achievement [PDF] 

School Profiles

SLD/Dyslexia Assessment Resource Guide

Special Education Publications

Special Education Resources

Statewide K-12 Sexual Assault & Abuse Prevention & Awareness Program Guidelines

Work-Based Learning/Career Development 


The EPUB links above are e-book versions of publications produced by the Connecticut State Department of Education. E-books are digital versions of books that can be read on smartphones and tablets. More e-books will be added to the list above as they become available. For instructions and additional information about the Department's e-books, please visit Publications: E-books.

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