SDE: Fees




(1) *Initial Certificates:

Nonrenewable Interim Initial Educator Certificate (assessment deferral)**

Interim Initial Educator Certificate (coursework deficiency)**

Initial Educator Certificate
Renewal of Initial Educator Certificate



(2) *Provisional Certificates:

Nonrenewable Interim Provisional Educator Certificate (assessment deferral)**

Interim Provisional Educator Certificate (coursework deficiency)**

Provisional Educator Certificate




(3) *Professional Educator Certificates

Renewal of Professional Educator Certificate



(4)   Coaching Permits:

Temporary Emergency Coaching Permit (TECP)

5-Year Renewable Coaching Permit


(5)   Adult Education Certificate

$ 100.00

(6)   Nonrenewable Charter School Interim Educator Certificate


(7)   Request for Duplicate Certificate


(8)   Cross Endorsement



Do NOT send cash or personal checks.
The Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification now accepts online credit card payments (VISA and MASTERCARD only) using the Connecticut Educator Certification System (CECS) or may accept money orders, cashier’s checks or certified bank checks payable to:  "Treasurer, State of CT".

* A minimum nonrefundable application review fee of $50.00 is charged for each application. If a certificate is granted, this fee is applied toward the cost of the certificate.

** An Interim Initial Educator or Interim Provisional Educator Certificate is granted with certain coursework and/or assessment deficiencies specified on the certificate. Certificates issued with assessment deferrals are nonrenewable and valid only for twelve months.

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