SDE: Changes August 1998 Part 4

CERTIFICATION REGULATIONS -- (Continued from previous section)

Effective August 6, 1998

Prior Authorizations
(pages 132-134)

Any person employed continuously by one boards of education as an athletic director, prior to July 31, 1998, may not be required to hold certification, with the exception of those athletic directors who evaluate certified staff.

Effective July 1, 1999

Coaching of Interscholastic Athletics in Elementary and Secondary Schools
(pages 31-32)


  • An individual who serves as a coach, including any type of coaching assignment, must hold a coaching permit or a temporary coaching permit.
  • The coaching permit must be renewed every five years upon completion of not less than 15 clock hours of seminars, course work and workshops providing information on save and healthful coaching practices and understanding child and adolescent development.
  • Upon the written request of an employing agent of a board of education, the 15 clock hours may be deferred for 12 months.
  • Individuals who work with athletes without being under the direct and continual supervision of a person serving as a coach must possesses a current coaching permit or a temporary coaching permit.

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