SDE: Education Career Pathways for Veterans

Education Career Pathways for Veterans

Teacher Certification in Connecticut is based on completion of a teacher preparation program that is state-approved and leads to a formal institutional recommendation for certification.

You can complete a teacher preparation program as part of a bachelorís degree or at the graduate level.

Accelerated Alternate Route to Certification programs require that you hold a bachelorís degree from a regionally accredited college or university and that you have already completed coursework in the subject that you want to teach. These programs are available in shortage areas.

To teach vocational subjects such as Automotive, Carpentry, Culinary Arts, Electronics or HVAC, a bachelorís degree is NOT required. You must:
  • Have a high school diploma
  • Document 8 years of experience in the vocation you want to teach (may include up to 5 years of apprenticeship or special schooling)

Note: You must complete 6 credits in vocational technical education and a course in special education within the first two years of certification.

Read the Guide to Approved Educator Preparation Programs for information about Connecticut teacher preparation programs.

Funding and Scholarships Information:

For more information on becoming a Connecticut educator, contact:

Connecticut State Department of Education
Talent Office

General Questions
Kim Wachtelhausen: 860-713-6841
Kimberly Audet: 860-713-6829

Certification Questions
Wendy Harwin: 860-713-6969

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