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Criminal History Record Check - (Fingerprinting)


1.  Who needs to be fingerprinted?

In accordance with current statute, any person who is employed by a local board of education (teacher, administrator, special service staff member, teacherís aide, custodian, cafeteria employee, etc.) must submit to a state and national criminal history record check within the first 30 days of the date of employment.

2.  How do I request a criminal history record check?

A person may obtain fingerprint packets (including fingerprint cards) and have their fingerprints taken at a local board of education, a Regional Educational Service Center (RESC), or the State Police Bureau of Identification.

3.  If I am fingerprinted at a RESC, can my fingerprints be shared with other districts?

Yes.  Individuals fingerprinted at a RESC, may have their fingerprint results shared with local or regional boards of education.   The individual must provide a written request to the RESC indicating where the results should be sent.

4.  If I am fingerprinted by a local school district, police department or by the State Police Bureau of Identification, can my results be shared with other districts?


5.  A criminal history record check (fingerprinting) was done last year for school district X.  I served in that district for the entire year. Do I need to be fingerprinted again if I am applying to work in another district? 

Yes, within 30 days of your date of employment.

6.  I served as a substitute teacher in district X for two weeks last year.  Do I need to have a criminal history record check (fingerprinting) done again, if I am employed by the same district for the coming school year?

No, continuous employment for substitute teachers is equal to one day of service each school year.

7.  I was fingerprinted by a RESC last year, but was never employed by a board of education.  Now that I have been hired, do I need to submit to a new criminal history record check (fingerprinting)?

Yes, within 30 days of your employment date.

8.  Are school volunteers required to have a criminal history record check (fingerprinting)?

No.  The statute does not require that volunteers submit to the criminal history record check.  However, school districts are entitled to establish additional policies concerning criminal history record checks.

9.  Are employees of private or independent schools required to submit to criminal history record checks?

Yes.  Effective July 1, 2017, current statute mandates that employees of private and independent schools are required to submit to state and national criminal history record checks within 30 days of employment.

The information contained on this fact sheet is subject to change without notice.

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