Certification Presentation for Recent Graduates
of Connecticut Teacher Preparation Programs


  • Cross Endorseable


    • Early Childhood
    • Elementary
    • Middle
    • Secondary
    • Special Subjects
    • Special Education

    Adult Education:

    • High School Credit External Diploma
    • Adult ESL


    • Occupational Subjects
    • Trade/Health Occ.

  • Non-Cross Endorsements

    • Speech & Language Pathology
    • School Counselor
    • School Psychologist
    • School Social Worker
    • School Nurse Teacher
    • School Dental Hygienist
    • Reading & Language
    • Arts Consultant
    • Intermediate Administration
    • Superintendent of Schools

Cross Endorseable

If you are certified in a teaching area, such as elementary education, middle grades, secondary academics, special subjects, or special education, you may add additional teaching endorsements by meeting specific course work and assessment requirements.  A few exceptions would be the integrated early childhood/special education endorsement and  the remedial reading and remedial language arts endorsement, both of which require completion of a planned program of preparation at a college or university.  It is to your advantage to review the cross endorsement regulations to determine the specific course work requirements for your subject area.  The quantitative number of credits to cross endorse range from 18 to 30 semester hours of credit, depending on the subject area. See: Cross endorsement regulations [PDF, 242KB].

Adult education endorsements can only be cross endorsed among the three specific endorsements in adult education: high school credit diploma program, external diploma program/noncredit mandated programs, and teaching English to non-English speaking adults.   The same is true for the vocational endorsements.  Both adult education and vocational endorsements can not be added as a cross endorsement to a certificate endorsed in elementary education, middle grades, secondary academics, special subjects, special education, or integrated early childhood/special education.

Non-Cross Endorsements

Special services endorsements, such as school counselor, school psychologist, speech and language pathology, and administrative endorsements, such as intermediate administrator or supervisor, reading and language arts consultant, and superintendent of schools can not be cross endorsed to each other or to any teaching certificate.  Upon meeting all requirements for the endorsement, you would start out with the initial educator certificate.  It would then be necessary to serve under that specific certificate in order to move on to the provisional educator and then the professional educator level. See: Special Services Fact Sheet.

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