SDE: Beyond the Blueprint: Literacy in Grades 4-12

Beyond the Blueprint: Literacy in Grades 4-12

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Beyond the Blueprint:  Literacy in Grades 4-12 and Across the Content Areas, an extension of Connecticut’s K-3 Blueprint for Reading Achievement, is for all educators, parents/ guardians and community members interested in providing systematic, ongoing literacy programming for students in grades 4-12. This book provides conclusions and recommendations, student and teacher competencies, instructional models and strategies, assessments, and resources and references. It provides a broader, deeper, well-informed research-based orientation required to help older students develop into highly literate citizens.

Note: This is a large document: 96 pages. It is presented in sections in order to decrease download time to your local computer. Please consider downloading (copying/saving) the individual file/s to your local computer for viewing and printing. Document will print in black and white. Set printer to "Print as image" and "Fit to page". Best viewed at 100% in Adobe Acrobat.

Individual Sections

Focus Strategy






Grades 4-6

"Oh Susanna" (Music) [PDF]

Pneumonoultra-microscopic-silicovolcanokoniosis (Science) [PDF]

Repeated Readings (All content areas) [PDF]

Clues to Spelling From Word Relationships (ELA) [PDF]


Getting Around the Circle (Math) [PDF]


Obstacle Course (ELA, SS) [PDF]

Grades 7-8

Survey Says (Math) [PDF]


Complex Consonant Clusters (ELA) [PDF]


Energy Drinks (Family and Consumer Science) [PDF]

Grades 9-12

Surgeon's General Report (Health) [PDF]

"Élite or Elite" (French) [PDF]

Trial of Socrates (SS) [PDF]


Countdown to Meltdown (Science) [PDF]

Introduction to Inverse Functions (Math) [PDF]


Seeing through the Evidence-Analysis of Glass (Forensics) [PDF]

Laws For Minors (Business Law) [PDF]




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