SDE: A Model for Mathematics Curriculum Grades PreK-8

A Model for Mathematics Curriculum Grades PreK-8

A Model for Mathematics Curriculum for Grades PreK-8 was designed to be the next step in making the 2005 Mathematics Curriculum Framework clearly understandable and accessible for classroom teachers in Connecticut schools and districts. Specific documents for grades PreK-5 and 6-8 are linked below. Note that the formats for the two levels vary due to nature of the grade levels and the variety of curriculum writing formats used by Connecticut districts. Commonalities and differences can be identified in the following descriptions of the documents included in this model.
  • Pacing Guide - a suggested sequence for teaching the GLE’s by quarter, but organized in units for grades 6-8
  • Curriculum Document – suggestions for teaching, learning and assessing by GLE
  • Lesson Plans these are embedded in the curriculum documents for grades PreK-5, but referenced and linked separately for grades 6-8
    • Lesson Plan Template 1 [DOC] [PDF]
    • Lesson Plan Template 2 [DOC] [PDF]
Updated! PreK-8 Mathematics Curriculum Standards-PDF [DOC] The 2007 Curriculum Standards further delineate the 2005 Framework by providing the most detailed information on student learning, including grade-level expectations and correlations to the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT).


Model for Mathematics Curriculum Grades PreK-5 [PDF]
  • Introduction [PDF]
  • Embedded Process Standards [PDF]
  • Glossary [PDF]
Model by Grade Level 
 [PDF]  PreK   Correlated GLEs [DOC]
 [PDF]    Kindergarten      Correlated GLEs [DOC]
 [PDF]  Grade 1  Correlated GLEs [DOC
 [PDF]  Grade 2  Correlated GLEs [DOC]
 [PDF]  Grade 3  Correlated GLEs [DOC
 [PDF]  Grade 4   Correlated GLEs [DOC
 [PDF]    Grade 5   Correlated GLEs [DOC


Introduction to A Model for Mathematics Curriculum Grades 6-8 [DOC]
  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Addressing the NCTM Process Standards in Grades 6–8
  • Big Ideas for Grades 6–8

Grade 6
  • Pacing Guide [DOC]
  • Curriculum Document [DOC]
  • Lesson Plans
    • Using Egyptian Hieroglyphics [DOC]
    • Examining Patterns of Growth [DOC]
    • Human Circle Graph [DOC]
    • Constant Dimensions [DOC] & Constant Dimensions Attachment [DOC]
    • Exploring Data [DOC]

Grade 7
  • Pacing Guide [DOC]
  • Curriculum Document [DOC]
  • Lesson Plans
    • Make Everyone Happy Pizza [DOC]
    • Polygons and their Transformations [DOC]
    • Survey Says [DOC]
    • Integer Multiplication [DOC]
    • Linear & Non-linear Function Problems [DOC]
    • Six Dinner Sid [DOC]

Grade 8
  • Pacing Guide [DOC]
  • Curriculum Document [DOC]
  • Lesson Plans
    • Squares and Square Roots [DOC] Attachment for Squares and Square Roots (Requires Geometer’s Sketchpad software)
    • Recursive vs. Explicit Representations [DOC]
    • Is it Double? [DOC]
    • Is it Double Adapted? [DOC], Is it Double Adapted Student Copy? [DOC], Is it Double Adapted Student Copy version 2? [DOC]
    • Tag, Replace, Recapture [DOC]
    • Linear Functions and Slope [DOC]

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