SDE: Arts Curricular Content Areas

Arts Curricular Content Areas

The Connecticut State Department of Education supports arts learning through education focused on the whole child to promote artistically literate citizens well equipped with the creativity , communication, and critical thinking skills needed to live rich, meaningful lives.
What's happening in the arts?

Join Arts Education Consultant Jackie Coleman as she takes you through the new NCAS Standards in the first in our series of webinars.

Join Music Teachers Caroline Golschneider and Margaret Fitzgerald as they take a closer look at the shifts in practice that NCAS will bring to the music classroom.

NCAS in the Visual Arts Classroom

Join art educators Jill Goldberg and Julie Sawyer as they examine NCAS through instruction and assessment in the visual arts classroom.



Professional Development Opportunities

In partnership with the Connecticut Music Educators Association (CMEA), the CSDE established the Connecticut Arts Standards Team (CAST) to assist in the creation of quality professional learning and resources to support districts and arts providers in better understanding and utilizing the newly adopted Connecticut Arts Standards (Arts Standards).
Register NOW for the following upcoming professional development opportunities!
* Free regional workshop.  This 2 hour workshop was designed by teachers for teachers to explore and utilize the recently adopted Arts Standards. The workshop will be presented in each RESC region and will include introductory information to familiarize teachers with the Arts Standards and include activities for those who have started integrating the standards into their daily instruction. The workshop is geared for elementary and secondary teachers (including all five arts disciplines: Visual Art, Music, Dance, Theatre, and Media Arts). Please email the following contacts to register:
* Workshop for Curriculum Leaders and School Administrators: Unpacking the CSDE National Core Arts Standards: What do the New Arts Standards Mean for District Curriculum Leaders and School Administrators?  This full-day conference will occur Thursday, March 30, 2017, from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. at the Hartford Marriott. Sessions have been designed to assist district curriculum leaders, building level administrators and arts supervisors in better understanding the new Arts Standards and artistic literacy as well as explore implications on curricula development and classroom practices. Registration for event.

Professional Resources 

     Grant Opportunities

Parents, Students & Community

Advocacy for Arts Education



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