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Dance Education Organizations

The National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) advances dance education centered in the arts. "As a non-profit organization, NDEO is dedicated to promoting standards of excellence in dance education through the development of quality education in the art of dance through professional development, service and leadership. We hold public discussions, sponsor institutes, workshops, conferences and programs. We develop guidelines, promote standards, and design curricula." NDEO Standards for Learning and Teaching Dance in the Arts: Ages 5-18

NDA exists to "promote the development and implementation of sound philosophies and policies in all forms of dance and in dance education at all levels." NDA represented dance in the Consortium of National Arts Education Organizations, a body of four arts education organizations (AATE, MENC, NAEA, NDA) which developed the National Standards for Arts Education.

Music Education Organizations

CMEA is the federated state organization for MENC, The National Association for Music Education, which represents the profession of music education in the United States. The Association plays an important role through its encouragement and support of the highest musical standards in our school programs. All-State and Regional Festivals, the a news magazine, and a grant program for members are ways in which the Association fulfills its commitment of more than a half century to music education in Connecticut.

MENC exists to "advance music education as a profession and to ensure that every child in America has access to a balanced, sequential, high-quality education that includes music as a core subject of study." MENC represented music in the Consortium of National Arts Education Organizations, a body of four arts education organizations (AATE, MENC, NAEA, NDA) which developed the National Standards for Arts Education.

Theatre Education Organizations

An organization for secondary school theatre teachers in Connecticut.

Visual Arts Education Organizations

NAEA exists to "promote art education through Professional Development, Service, Advancement of Knowledge, and Leadership." NAEA represented the visual arts in the Consortium of National Arts Education Organizations, a body of four arts education organizations (AATE, MENC, NAEA, NDA) which developed the National Standards for Arts Education.

Connecticut and National Arts Agencies/Councils

The Commission offers support for Arts in Education initiatives through several granting programs for non-profit organizations: Organization Challenge Grants, Arts Partnerships for Stronger Communities, and Arts Presentation Grants. The Commission's H.O.T. Schools Program, active in 24 Connecticut school districts, transforms school culture by integrating the arts into core curriculum subjects to better develop students' Higher Order Thinking skills.

The National Endowment for the Arts Web site is divided into three main components: (1) "" - a hyperlinked periodical with features and news about the arts. Regular features include: "Focus on Community," "Featured Artist," "Arts Links," "Writers Corner," and "Endowment News;" (2) "Guide to the National Endowment for the Arts" - an overview of the grantmaking programs of the single largest arts funder in the United States. This section includes guidelines for applicants, staff informatio n, and biographical material on the Chairman and the National Council on the Arts. A hyperlinked list of state and regional arts organizations is also available; (3) "Arts Resource Center" - includes a catalogue of publications (some free of charge), contact information for a broad range of national arts service organizations, and a library of online publications. This area includes links to other funding resources and services.

Connecticut Arts-Centered and Arts-Enriched Schools

The Commission on the Arts' HOT (Higher Order Thinking) Schools Program, active in 24 Connecticut communities, creates a school culture in which learning in, about and through the arts, in a democratic setting, enables each child's voice to be celebrated.

Outstanding National Arts/Education Sites with Links

  • ArtsEdNet - The Getty's Art Education Web Site - Lesson Plans, Curriculum, Gallery

Check out what's new on ArtsEdNet and learn about the Getty Center for Education in the Arts' special approach to arts education. At ArtsEdNet you can stay informed of the latest trends in art education, find innovative lesson plans and other curriculum resources, meet and exchange ideas online, check out the Center's extensive discipline-based art education resources, and find out about seminars to continue your professional development.

A collaboration between the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts (with support from the U. S. Department of Education), ArtsEdge provides links to a wealth of arts education information. Teachers may visit the Curriculum Studio for ideas and read interviews of many different arts education guests.

Website for Arts Education Partnership, a coalition of education, arts, business, philanthropic and governmental organizations that demonstrate and promote the essential role of art education in enabling all students to succeed in school, life and work.

The mission of the American Arts Alliance is to be the principal advocate for America's professional nonprofit arts organizations and their publics in representing arts interests and advancing arts support before Congress and other branches of the Federal government.

Arts & Education Resources/Organizations 

Developed as part of the Arts Education Leadership Network Initiative, this site helps arts educators locate resources relevant to their work. It is divided into five sections: News and Information, Resources, Research, Related Organizations and Partnerships. Under Research, connect to research search engines and useful publications, or submit an article to a leading journal. The Related Organizations section serves as a gateway to a multitude of arts and education groups. Find links to national grant guidelines under Resources. Initiative updates and reports are located in Partnerships.

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