SDE: English Learners

English Learners

A professional learning opportunity for school teams: Meeting the Challenge: CT Core Standards for Educators of English Learners and Students with Disabilities [PDF]

Bilingual Education Statute

English Learner Identification

Supplement Not Supplant Guidance
  • Supplement Not Supplant Provision of Title III of the ESEA [PDF]
  • FAQ's for Supplement Not Supplant Provision [PDF]
Private/Non-Public Schools and English Language Learners
  • Letter regarding Local Education Agency (LEA) responsibilities Revised April 2012 [PDF]
  • Sample letter to private/non-public schools Revised September 25, 2012 [PDF] [DOC]
  • NEW: Title III, Part A - Equitable Services to Private School Students and Teachers, United States Department of Education, June 2009 [PDF]
  • NEW: Title IX, Part E Uniform Provisions Subpart 1 - Private Schools, United States Department of Education, August 2005 [PDF]
NEW: English Learner Programs & Services in Connecticut Public Schools: A Resource Handbook for Administrators (2nd Edition) [PDF]
Scientific Research-Based Interventions for English Language Learners: A Handbook to Accompany Connecticut's Framework for RTI [PDF]
English Learners and Special Education: A Resource Handbook 2011 [PDF]




    Megan Alubicki Flick 
    English as a Second Language(ESL)/Bilingual Consultant
    Connecticut State Department of Education
    Academic Office 
    165 Capitol Avenue 
    Hartford, CT 06106
    Telephone: (860) 713-6786


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