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Physical Education

{Childern Playing} Planned, sequential PK-12 physical education provides psychomotor, cognitive and affective content and learning experiences that promote optimum personal development. Quality curriculum and instruction, provided in a safe, supportive environment, offer meaningful, challenging learning for all students, and result in lifetime learning outcomes of skills, literacy, and ability to understand concepts and develop plans for lifetime physical activity and wellness.
Physical education is one component in a coordinated approach to school health. For information about the role of physical education in coordinated school health programs, go to: Healthy ConneCTions.


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       Infusing Physically Active Learning into Academic Teaching and  Learning

  • ABC for Fitness provides instruction for teachers to incorporate short bursts of activity at the beginning of each class; can ensure that children obtain the level of physical activity that is essential for good health and well being

  • Brain Breaks Physical activity idea book for elementary classroom teachers to help increase physical activity in the classroom and during the school day

  • PE Central Website for physical activity, physical education, and cross-curricular teaching

  • VERB: CDC Youth Campaign Comprising online games and interactives, blogs, educational materials, and other activities, this multicultural social marketing campaign to increase physical activity among youth is called VERB: It's what you do. Curricular materials for educators and interactive multimedia content directed at youth combine to engage and motivate tweens (ages 9 to 13), encouraging healthy lifestyles and participation in physical activity.

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Dr. Jean Mee, Consultant
Phone: (860) 807-2016
Major Responsibilities:
   PK-12 Physical Education
   PK-12 School Health Education
   Coordinated School Health


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