SDE: Social Studies: The Irish

Social Studies: The Irish

  {Social Studies Irish Guide Cover}
The Irish: The Great Hunger and Irish Immigration to America, Teacher Resource Guide  (76 pp.)

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Individual Sections
  • Covers, Intro & Section 1 (22 pp.) [PDF]
    This Is Who We Are, Section One: Ireland's First 2,000 years, Instructional Activities
  • Sections 2 & 3 (22 pp.) [PDF] Section Two: Ireland: 1500-1799, Instructional Activities, Section Three: Ireland: 1800-1845, Instructional Activities, Section Four: The Great Hunger: 1845-1850
  • Sections 4-6 (32 pp.) [PDF]
    Section Four: The Great Hunger: 1845-1850 continued, Instructional Activities, Section Five: New World Challenges, Instructional Activities, Section Six: The Irish in America, Instructional Activities, Teacher Resources, Books and Journals, Internet Resources, Connecticut Resources

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