SDE: Effective Teaching Strategies

Effective Teaching Strategies
{Picture of a classroom with students and a teacher} The Connecticut State Department of Education has partnered with the Leadership and Learning Center to provide professional development in Effective Teaching Stategies. 

  • Researcher Robert Marzano has completed a meta-analysis of 35 years of educational research.
  • Marzano, Pickering and Pollock have identified 9 research-based instructional strategies that have the greatest impact on student achievement.
  • The research of Douglas Reeves has resulted in the addition of a tenth strategy, non-fiction writing.

Effective Teaching Strategy Documents

Coaching Effective Teaching Strategies

This module is designed to support coaches and instructional leaders who are working with teachers to implement these research based strategies.
Effective Tier I Instruction for English Language Learners Basic

This two-day workshop is designed for teams of general education teachers, ESL specialists, and school administrators who are dedicated to improving Tier I instruction for ELLs and who can provide on-site embedded support for other teachers in their school districts. Day I reviews how to use data to enhance ELL instruction and best practices for instructing ELL students.  Day II focuses on how to train other teachers using the ELL CALI module.  The two days of training are one month apart so that teachers have time to implement strategies from Day I before attending Day II.


As a result of taking part in this workshop, participants will:

1. Understand the stages of language acquisition and provide differentiated instruction for students based on these stages.
2. Use language and content assessment data to make instructional decisions for their classrooms
3. Identify and practice sheltered instructional strategies, which are specifically advantageous to the learning needs of ELLs.

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