SDE: English Language Development Web Sites

English Language Development Web Sites
A large collection of tools and resources for learning and teaching English.
Images demonstrating the meanings of words to improve vocabulary development.
Quizzes, word games, puzzles, and a random sentence generator to reinforce English skills.
Dictionary and vocabulary, supplemented with quizzes, games, and a community forum.
Free English videos for beginners.
Practice with grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation and connections to real world events.
Practice pronunciation, find a book to study, and even talk to someone in English.
Videos from real English speakers, plus quizzes and community support.
English texts with recordings for practicing listening in English.
More than 90 vocabulary lessons and lessons in verbs, grammar, and reading in English.
A personal collection of words you want to learn and ways to practice with a mobile app or online.


    Megan Alubicki Flick 
    English Learner Consultant
    Connecticut State Department of Education

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