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Support Percentages for Adult Education

The percentage of the eligible costs for adult education a local board of education shall receive, shall be determined as follows: (A) Each town shall be ranked in descending order from one to one hundred sixty-nine according to such town's adjusted equalized net grand list per capita, as defined in section 10-261; and (B) based upon such ranking, a percentage of not less than zero nor more than sixty-five shall be determined for each town.

NEW: Download the Preliminary FY 16-17 Support Percentages (PDF)

Download the Preliminary FY 15-16 Support Percentages (PDF)

Download the Preliminary FY 14-15 Support Percentages (PDF)

Budget Buddy: A Budget Guide for Adult Education Providers

Cooperating Eligible Entity (CEE): Information and Guidelines Manual

Download the CEE Manual - November 2008 (PDF)


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