SDE: Adult Education Contacts

Contact Information
General Inquiries
25 Industrial Park Road
Middletown, CT 06457
Phone: (860) 807-2050
Fax: (860) 807-2062
GED Contact Information
25 Industrial Park Road
Middletown, CT 06457
Phone: (860) 807-2110/2111
Fax: (860) 807-2112
Consultant Assignments
Angela Gambaccini-May 
(860) 713-6847
Federal and State Adult Education Data Coordinator

Sabrina Mancini
(860) 807-2110
Technical Assistant, Southwest Region
General Educational Development (GED) State and Local Administrator
Connecticut Adult Reporting System (CARS)
Numeracy and Reading
Valerie Marino
(860) 807-2130
Technical Assistant, Northwest Region
Adult High School Credit Diploma Program
Adult Education Teacher Certification
Connecticut Adult Virtual High School
Connecticut Competency System (CCS)/CASAS 
Connecticut Adult Reporting System (CARS)
State Adult Education Grants
Susan Pierson
(860) 807-2121
Technical Assistant, North Central Region
Family Literacy
Federal State Director
Federal Grants and Federal Reporting
National External Diploma Program
Postsecondary Transitions
Professional Development
Writing Assessment and Writing Matters

Maureen Wagner
(860) 807-2102
Technical Assistant, East and South Central Region
Career Pathways
English as a Second Language
English Literacy/Civics Education
Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-BEST)
Postsecondary Transitions
Workforce Education
Working Papers

Support Staff
Gina M. Hoag
(860) 807-2117
Idalia Thayer
(860) 807-2111

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