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Program Monitoring
Program Compliance and Quality Review (PCQR)
The Adult Education Program Compliance and Quality Review (PCQR) is a comprehensive on-site monitoring process. In addition to ensuring compliance with state and federal requirements, the monitoring process also focuses on program quality and improvement.
The criteria for selecting districts for review involves a process that combines the analysis of adult education data via the Connecticut Adult Reporting System (CARS) and the Departmentís focus on program performance and quality. The selection process also accounts for the size of the program and the date of the last official site visit by the Department.
The PCQR Process
  • Each district identified for the Adult Education Program Compliance and Quality Review (PCQR) monitoring is required to complete and submit to the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE):
  • An additional component of the monitoring process requires the submission of questionnaire forms to be completed by students, teachers, counselors and the director. The CSDE provides these questionnaire forms to each district. Completed student and teacher questionnaires should include all the mandated program areas as detailed in the Connecticut General Statutes 10-69 (a) and be representative of program sites and class times
  • The CSDE requires that district responses to the monitoring forms, questionnaires and any other materials requested, arrive at the CSDE no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled on-site visit.
  • Districts must submit two copies of the Checklist and the Statutory Attestation (one with original signature) and completed questionnaires to the PCQR Manager.
  • An Orientation Session is held to provide an overview of PCQR process for the districtís adult education director and appropriate staff. The director is notified as to the date, time and location of the orientation session.
  • A CSDE consultant from the Bureau of Health/Nutrition, Family Services and Adult Education will contact the districtís adult education director to arrange a pre-visit and/or to establish dates, times and scheduling details for the on-site monitoring review.
  • Adult education checklist materials and statutory attestation documents must be available for review at the time of the monitoring visit and organized in a fashion that facilitates the monitoring review process. On the day(s) of the on-site review, please provide a specific and secure location for consultants to conduct interviews and to review the monitoring materials and documents.

For questions regarding the Adult Education Program Compliance and Review process, please contact Valerie Marino at or at 860-807-2130.

Program Improvement Project (PIP) Self-Review/Monitoring Report for Federal Grants
The Department requires all recipients of federal adult education grants, funded through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Title II, Adult Education and Family Literacy Act, to complete a Program Improvement Project (PIP) Self-Review/Monitoring Report.  In addition to ensuring compliance with federal legislation, the  PIP Self-Review Monitoring Report gives recipients an opportunity to: reflect on successes of the project; highlight any challenges or obstacles and; identify specific actions being taken to attain project goals and objectives for the year. The Department's review of this self-review/monitoring report may result in an on-site visit to the program.

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