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Adult Numeracy
Numeracy is more than the sum of its mathematical parts. The true measure of numeracy is whether individuals can use mathematics skills comfortably and appropriately, as required, within the societal framework of citizen and worker. To be numerate is to have the skills along with the critical awareness of when and how to use them in diverse situations. Individuals who currently enter {bills} Connecticut's adult education programs generally do not possess the numeracy skills necessary to operate effectively within the demands of their societal roles.
To provide our learners with these skills, the Department seeks to improve and expand numeracy instruction in adult education programs by examining the requirements for numeracy that exist today. Policymakers, staff developers and adult educators will work together to understand what it means to be numerate, to improve {bills} classroom instruction in mathematics and to develop learner facility with problem-solving, reasoning, and communication skills. To accomplish this, the Department is supporting the Connecticut Adult Mathematics Study Group, the Connecticut Adult Mathematics Institute and the current revisions to the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) Math Content Standards.

Adult Mathematics Study Group

The Adult Mathematics Study Group consists of adult education practitioners who are educators, staff developers, and state consultants. The purpose of the group is to help carry out the following:

  • promote math awareness in as many adult education formats as feasible;
  • frame the parameters of the discussion on the relationship between math instruction and key application areas;
  • design professional development activities which incorporate research based practices with a broad range of instructional strategies; and
  • link best practices with cogent learning theory based on solid academic as well as practitioner-based insight.

Meetings are held on a quarterly basis to assess the direction of mathematics instruction in Connecticut in order to better prepare our learners for postsecondary education, to instill the mastery of math sense for the workplace, and to ensure the utilization of math knowledge in every day life.


Connecticut Adult Mathematics Institute
The purpose of the Adult Education Math Institute is to provide adult education teachers in Connecticut with a continuum of professional development activities which will {compass} give them the necessary tools, resources and strategies for use with learners in their classroom and provide them with the necessary information to recognize, assess, and remediate the areas of mathematics where their students are having the most difficulty.
These activities will focus on the following:
  • Establishing a deep understanding of the CASAS Mathematics Content Standards and their impact on the mathematics curriculum;
  • Appreciating how adultsí mathematical knowledge develops and how to assess and engage prior knowledge; and
  • Incorporating a broad range of research-based instructional strategies for use in the classroom.
CASAS Content Standards in Mathematics
The CASAS Math Content Standards (currently in preliminary review) will provide guidelines to adult education teachers when incorporating instructional strategies that build the underlying basic skills through contexts found in adult daily life. The Standards suggest levels for these instructional contexts that coincide with student needs assessments.

Numeracy Resources

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