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  {GED logo}    Preparing for the GED® Tests

To prep or not to prep? The GED® test is your opportunity to prove that you’ve got the knowledge and skills of a high school graduate. And when you earn your GED® test credential, you’ll open doors to better paying jobs, new careers, college classrooms, and a brighter future. But first, you’ve got to pass the test.

GED Testing Service encourages everybody to study before testing. People who invest a little time in studying tend to do better and increase the odds of passing on the first try. A recent report showed that test-takers who studied and took a practice test were more likely to pass the entire test than any other group. And the quicker you pass the test, the quicker you achieve your goals.


Benefit from hands-on learning. There is an impressive network of adult education teachers and classrooms that will help you prepare for the GED® test. Find an adult education classroom nearby or contact your State Director or Office of Adult Education.

Luckily, we’ve created GED Marketplace™, an easy and reliable way to bring the classroom home. When you visit GED Marketplace you’ll be able to choose from a store full of study guides, practice tests, and other preparation materials created by some of the best GED® test prep companies. GED Marketplace™ features

  • Online courses
  • Study books
  • Official GED Practice Test (OPT)
  • Computer Skills Training
  • Real customer reviews
The store is your one-stop shop for preparation materials all on a safe and secure place to start your road to success. Before you change your life, change the way you study.

Visit GED Marketplace™ today or watch the video.



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