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Is it true that any scores from the 2002 Series GEDŽ Test expired on December 31, 2013? 

Yes, all 2002 Series scores expired at the end of 2013 and scores may not be carried over into 2014.


Will the content change drastically from the current 2002 Series GEDŽ Test?

The content of the 2014 GEDŽ Test does differ from that tested on the 2002 Series GEDŽ Test.

Refer to the resource on our website called "2002 to 2014: A Content Comparison" available at the following link:


How long does the 2014 GEDŽ Test take?

The test will be about seven and a half hours long, with the timing as follows: 

  • Reasoning through Language Arts - 150 minutes (including a 10 minute break)
  • Mathematical Reasoning - 115 minutes
  • Science - 90 minutes
  • Social Studies - 90 minutes

Am I eligible to take the 2014 GEDŽ Test in Connecticut?

In order to register for the GEDŽ test, an individual should:

  • be a resident of Connecticut;
  • be 17 years of age or older and officially withdrawn from school for at least six months;
  • not be enrolled in school; and
  • not have graduated from high school.

Individuals whose high school diplomas are from unaccredited high schools or individuals, who have secondary school diplomas from countries outside the United States and Canada, are eligible to take the GEDŽ test if they meet all other eligibility requirements.


Is keyboarding speed an issue?  How does this influence test time?

The time given is adequate for students to construct their answer and key in their response.  Field-testing has demonstrated that even test-takers with minimal keyboarding skills have adequate time to respond to the essay.


Can students take sections of the new GEDŽ test in any order?

Yes, one of the advantages of the computer-based registration and scheduling system is that students can register and schedule for only those parts of the test that they are ready to take.


What other rules apply for taking the GEDŽ test?

All four sub-tests must be taken before any sub-test can be repeated.  There is also a 60-day waiting period to retake any failed sub-test.


How will the new GEDŽ test be scored?

The 2014 GEDŽ Test is scored by computer.  The new test will be scored on an entirely new scale.  Test-takers will need a minimum score of 150 on each module and a total score of 600 across the four-module battery in order to receive a Connecticut State High School Diploma.  If your total score is at least 720 and the best score in each of the four subject tests is at least 170, then you will be rewarded an honors diploma.  No matter how many times a person retakes the 2014 GEDŽ Test, only the best score from each subject area test is used to determine the highest score for that subject and the total score for the entire GEDŽ exam.


Will there be an official practice test available online?

Yes, the GED Ready™ is an online practice test available on the computer. The Official Practice Test will be priced at $6 per module.


Is there a computer tutorial available?

Yes, go to:


Is the tutorial available to those preparing to test or at the time of testing?

The computer-skills tutorial should be taken independently prior to the actual testing appointment.  Test-takers will be expected to be familiar with the testing environment before they start testing.


Do students register online for the new GEDŽ test?

Yes. Students register independently online for the 2014 GEDŽ Test on computer. Instructions on how to register. 


Can a student take the test one part at a time or do they need to take the test all at the same time?

Students may take any or all parts of the test at their option and convenience, limited only by the availability of testing appointments on the date and time of their choosing.  Students can take sections of the new GEDŽ Test in any order they want to.  However, students must take each section once before re-testing on a section that they did not pass.


Will the test-taker have a clock to let them know how much time they have left so they can edit or proofread their response?

Yes, the testing software contains a test-timer that the test-taker can minimize or maintain in view at their option.  However, the timer cannot be minimized during the final few minutes of the test in order to make certain that the test-taker is aware that time is running out and that they will need to complete their test and submit it.


Where is the time clock located?  Is it on the test?

The clock appears in the upper right-hand corner of the test software display.


Will the break be managed by a computer timer?

Yes.  All of the timing is managed by the computer, though the test administrator has a role in logging the individual in and out of the test workstation.


How many short answer questions are on the Social Studies test?   Is the short answer the same as fill in the blank? 

There are no short answer items on the Social Studies test, only an extended response item.  Short answer items only appear on the Science test and require the equivalent of about a paragraph as a response.  Short answer items are different from fill-in-the-blank items, which usually consist of one word or number that must be entered into the blank, as opposed to an entire paragraph.


Will the Reasoning through Language Arts test contain grammar questions?

The Reasoning through Language Arts content includes testing in the area of language, which includes concepts and skills known as grammar.


Can students use only the calculator that is provided on the computer?  The Mathematical Reasoning test is in two sections; a short calculator-prohibited section and a longer calculator-allowed section.  The on-screen calculator is being used rather than a handheld calculator in order to maintain equity and efficiency in the testing process.  Both sections are part of a single Mathematical Reasoning module with total testing time of 90 minutes.


Is there a State of Connecticut website for information?

Yes. Go to


Where can I take the new 2014 GEDŽ Test?

As of January 1, 2014 the computer based testing center locations are as follows:


Bristol Adult Education                                                                                

Career Resources, Bridgeport          

EASTCONN Adult Education (Windham)

EASTCONN Adult Education (Danielson)

East Haven Adult Education                         

Education Connection, Foothills Adult Education (Litchfield)       

Enfield Adult Education                   

Hartford Adult Education

Manchester Adult Education     

New Haven Adult Education

New Haven Job Corps                                                                                   

New London Adult Education          

Norwich Adult Education

Vernon Adult Education

Waterbury Adult Education


Check back often with your local registrar for additional test sites


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