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 Information for Educators and Administrators

  • Identification of Gifted and Talented Children in Connecticut: The Law and Its Implications
  • Position Statement on the Education of Gifted and Talented Students [PDF]
  • Foundation for Excellent Schools (FES)
    FES is a national, nonprofit organization that partners with public schools in high-need communities to raise student aspirations and performance.

    Working with students, administrators, teachers, parents, community members, local businesses, and colleges, FES assists schools to develop principles and practices that enable them to cultivate and sustain a culture of achievement. The Century Program (TCP) is one of several programs FES coordinates. When a school activates a TCP program, each of the 100 participating students will have a mentor and be encouraged to participate in a wide variety of activities including, for example: early awareness workshops, student-to-student mentoring, admissions and financial aid informational programs, college visits, college application assistance, and job shadowing experience.

    Recently, Connecticut joined a growing number of states that support this program. School leaders who are interested in learning more about this program or who are interested in participating in The Century Program can visit the web site. 

  • Challenging Opportunities in Mathematics, K-12 Programs and Competitions, K-12 [PDF]
  • Mathematics K-12 Materials That Can Be Used to Extend Learning [PDF]

Javits Curriculum Units
  • About the Javits units [DOC]
  • Thinking About Quality Curriculum: What the Experts Teach Us [PDF]
          Social Studies



  • Pamphlets: 10 BIG IDEAS (for little money) that can increase the challenge level for high-achieving students [PDF

 Links to other Web Sites

Connecticut Association for the Gifted (CAG)
CAG is a statewide support and advocacy group for educators and parents of gifted children. The website contains information about the organization, gifted and talented education, and related links to other organizations and resources.

National Association for Gifted Children Pre-K-Grade 12 Gifted Program Standards
This is the on-line edition of this publication. It is available for viewing at no cost

"This document delineates both requisite and exemplary standards for gifted education programming, and depicts pre-collegiate gifted programming standards for gifted education, representing a range of minimal, or requisite, and exemplary, or visionary, levels of performance. These standards may serve as benchmarks for measuring programming effectiveness; criteria for program evaluation; guidelines for program development; and recommendations for minimal requirements for high-quality gifted education programming. (NAGC website:".

If you require further information, please contact:

Gilbert Andrada, Ph.D.
Connecticut State Department of Education 
Performance Office 
State Consultant for Gifted and Talented Education 
Telephone: (860) 713-6883

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