SDE: States’ Phase 2 Application Information

States’ Phase 2 Application Information

Connecticut’s RTTT Phase 2 Application:
Application [PDF] Appendix [PDF]
  • Section A: "State Success Factors" pages 8-75 [PDF]
  • Section B: "Standards and Assessments" pages 76-107 [PDF]
  • Section C: "Data Systems to Support Instruction" pages 108-133 [PDF]
  • Section D: "Great Teachers and Leaders" pages 134-227 [PDF]
  • Section E: "Turning Around the Lowest Achieving Schools" pages 228-247 [PDF]
  • Section F: "General (education funding and charter schools)" pgs 248-289 [PDF]
  • Competition Priority 2: "STEM" pages 290-297 [PDF]
  • Invitational Priority 3: "Innovations for Early Learning Outcomes" [PDF]
  • Invitational Priority 6: "Conditions for Reform Innovation and Learning" [PDF]
Connecticut Race to the Top Phase 2 Application Executive Summary [PDF]
  • Eligible Applicants: Governors, along with the states’ Education Agency
  • Phase 2 Deadline for Application Submittal: June 1, 2010

RTTT Phase 2 Participating LEA Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Section 14006(c) of the ARRA requires at least 50 percent of RTTT funding to states be subgranted to participating Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) according to their relative shares of funding under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Title I, Part A program for the most recent year, including Title I ARRA funds. 

States also have flexibility in awarding or allocating the remaining 50 percent of their RTTT awards, which are available for state-level activities, disbursements to LEAs, and other purposes as each state may propose in its plan. The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) has elected to allocate up to approximately $23.9 million of the remaining $87.5 million as an incentive for all LEAs to sign on to implement the State's RTTT plan.
Distribution of RTTT Funds to LEAs
  • Memo to LEAs regarding the Simulated distribution of RTTT funds to LEAs (April 30, 2010) [PDF]
  • Simulated distribution of RTTT funds to LEAs, assuming that Connecticut receives a total budgeted amount of $175 million and that all LEAs sign on to implement the States RTTT plan [XLS]
RTTT Phase 2 MOU Information
  • Memo to LEAs re: MOU timelines and preliminary elements (April 16, 2010) [PDF]
  • Memo to LEAs re: MOU (May 4, 2010) [PDF]
  • RTTT Phase 2 LEA MOU [PDF]
  • Details for the Required Initiatives within the MOU [PDF]
  • Memo to LEAs re:the Board Examination Systems Optional Initiative within the Phase 2 MOU (May 11, 2010) [PDF]
  • Board of Examination Systems Sign-On Sheet [PDF ]
  • LEAs MOU Compilations: Signatures and Electives Sign-On as of June 28, 2010 [PDF]
  • RTTT Phase 2 Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]
RTTT Phase 2 Stakeholder Input Information

As we worked to prepare our Race to the Top Phase 2 application, the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) held two stakeholder meetings in March 2010 to inform community members about CSDE’s vision for education reform and to obtain feedback from all stakeholders on how Connecticut could improve the Race to the Top application for Phase 2.

The CSDE greatly values all of the feedback received, which helped in submitting the highest quality application. The presentation and feedback from the stakeholder meetings are provided below.

  • PowerPoint Presentation from March 31st Stakeholder Input Meeting [PPT ]
  • Compilation of Stakeholder Input from March 29th and 31st RTTT Stakeholder Meetings (draft document) [PDF] [DOC]


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