SDE: Special Education Publications

Special Education Publications

Best Practice Resources

  • Best Practices for School Counseling in Connecticut (2001) [PDF]
  • Connecticut's Framework for RTI - Using Scientific Research-Based Interventions (SRBI): Improving Education for All Students (Executive Summary) [PDF] Full Document [PDF]
  • Developing Quality Programs for Pupil Services: A Self-Evaluative Guide (1999) [PDF]
  • Resource Directory of Educational Programs and Practices (2001) [PDF]
  • Resource Directory of Specialists: Educating Students with an Intellectual Disability in the General Education Environment (2005) [PDF]

Eligibility Documents

  • Report on Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (2005) [PDF]
  • Guidelines for Identification and Education of Children and Youth with Autism (Revised 2011) [PDF]
    • Worksheet for Determination of Eligibility for Special Education Services Under the Classification of Autism [PDF
  • Guidelines for Identifying Children with Intellectual Disability
    • Executive Summary (2006) [PDF]
    • Full Document (2007) [PDF]
    • ID Eligibility Documentation Worksheet [PDF] [DOC
  • Guidelines for Identifying Children with Learning Disabilities (2010) [PDF] Executive Summary (2009) [PDF
  • Resources for Implementing the LD Guidelines 
    • Analysis of Programming Effectiveness [PDF] [DOC
    • Assessment Inventory [PDF]
    • Connecticut's Framework for RTI - PDF
    • CT Curriculum Development Guide [PDF] [DOC]
    • Cultural and Linguistic Diversity [PDF]
    • Fidelity of Implementation [PDF] [DOC
    • High-Quality Progress Monitoring [PDF] [DOC
    • Implementation Plan [PDF] [DOC]
    •  New: Key Components of the Guidelines for Identifying Children with Learning Disabilities, PowerPoint used for Changing Roles of School Psychologists Training [PDF] [PPT] (REVISED 2012)
    • Literacy Instruction [PDF] [DOC
    • Resource Mapping [PDF]
    • School Climate Inventory [PDF]
    • SRBI Self-Assessment - DOC
    • Web Resources for Implementing LD Guidelines and SRBI Framework [PDF]
  • New: Guidelines for Identifying and Educating Students with Emotional Disturbance (updated November 2, 2012)
  • Guidelines for Speech and Language Programs (2008) [PDF

Guidance Documents/Topic Briefs

  • Technical Edits and the Individualized Education Program [PDF]
  • Technical Edits and the Individualized Education Program-IEP Document with Highlighted Sections [PDF]
  • Guidelines for Assistive Technology (Updated December 2013)
  • Topic Brief: Evaluation Timelines Guidance [PDF]
  • Topic Brief: Extended School Year [PDF]
  • Guidelines for Feeding and Swallowing Programs in Schools (2008) [PDF]  
  • Guidelines for Health Screenings: Vision, Hearing and Postural (2004) [PDF]
  • Guidelines for Occupational Therapy in Educational Settings (1999) [PDF]
  • Guidelines for Training and Support of Paraprofessionals (2012) [PDF
  • Guidelines for Adapted Physical Education (2012)
  • Guidelines for Physical Therapy in Educational Settings (1999) [PDF]
  • Guidelines for Developing Policies and Procedures for Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect  (2000) [PDF]
  • A Guide to Comprehensive School Counseling Program Development (2008) [PDF
  • Guidelines for the Practice of School Psychology (2004) [PDF]
  • Guide for the Training, Use and Supervision of Speech-Language Pathology Aides and Assistants in Connecticut (1999) [PDF]
  • Topic Brief: Questions and Answers Regarding Parentally Placed Students in Private Schools [PDF

Parent/Family Resources

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