SDE: PPT Process and IEP Forms

PPT Process and IEP Forms

Planning and Placement Team (PPT) Process and
Individualized Education Program (IEP) Forms

Helpful Tools

  • Language and Communication
    • Language and Communication Plan [DOC] [PDF]
    • Annotated Language and Communication Plan [PDF]
    • FAQ's [PDF]
    • Memo from Chief Operating Officer - Section 11 of Public Act 12-173: Required Language and Commuication Plan for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Students [PDF]
  • Parent's Guide to Special Education in Connecticut (2007) [English-PDF] [Spanish-PDF
  • Promoting School Success for Children with Disabilities
    • Least Restrictive Environment [PPT] [PDF]  
    • PPT 101 [PPT] [PDF]   
    • PPT Process [PPT] [PDF]   
  • PPT Checklist  [PDF]
  • Revised (12/15): The "IEP Guide - Page by Page" ­- a resource to understand each page of the IEP and prepare for PPT meetings
  • Standards Based IEPs

CMT/CAPT Resources

Student Assessment - (Main page)

Connecticut Alternate Assessment Resources

Smarter Balanced Assessment Resources

Common Core Aligned Assessments
  • Test Supports/Accommodations Form: General Education, Special Education, Section 504 Students, EL Students [PDF]
  • CTAA and CMT/CAPT Skills Checklists Science Eligibility & Learner Characteristics Inventory (LCI) [PDF]
  • Connecticut Read Aloud Protocol for Smarter Balanced Assessments Security/Confidentiality Agreement [PDF]
    • Guidelines for Read Aloud, Test Reader [PDF]
  • Smarter Balanced Usability, Accessibility, and Accommodations FAQ [PDF]
  • SBA Sample Parent Letter [DOC]
  • SBA 10th Grade CAPT Science Sample Parent Letter [DOC]
  • SBA/IEP Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]             

IEP Forms

Individualized Education Program (IEP) Forms
  • Revised 4/2017: IEP Manual and SDE Forms  [PDF] [DOC]
SDE Forms

IEP Forms

ED620   [PDF] [DOC]Revised 4/2017

Spanish Version

ED620   [PDF] [DOC]

Referral to Determine Eligibility for Special Education and Related Services

ED621   [PDF] [DOC

Spanish Version

ED621   [PDF] [DOC]

Parent Notice of Referral to Determine Eligibility for Special Education and Related Services

ED622   [PDF] [DOC]

Spanish Version

ED622   [PDF] [DOC]

Notice of Planning and Placement Team Meeting

ED623   [PDF] [DOC]Revised 11/2015

Spanish Version

ED623   [PDF] [DOC]

Documentation of Attempts to Seek Parent/Guardian Participation

ED624   [PDF] [DOC]

Notice and Consent to Conduct an Initial Evaluation

ED625   [PDF] [DOC]Revised 10/2014

Spanish Version

ED625   [PDF] [DOC]
Revised 10/2014

Consent for Initial Provision of Special Education

ED626   [PDF] [DOC]Revised 1/2015

Spanish Version

ED626   [PDF] [DOC]
Revised 1/2015

Notice of Consent to Conduct a Reevaluation

ED627   [PDF] [DOC]Revised 10/2014

Spanish Version

ED627   [PDF] [DOC]
Revised 10/2014

Confidential File Access Record

ED628   [PDF] [DOC]

Multidisciplinary Evaluation Report-Landscape

ED629L [PDF] [DOC]

Multidisciplinary Evaluation Report-Portrait 

ED629P [PDF] [DOC]

Reading Worksheet 

ED630   [PDF] [DOC]

Math Worksheet 

ED631   [PDF] [DOC]

Writing Worksheet 

ED636   [PDF] [DOC]

Least Restrictive Environment Procedural Checklist

ED632   [PDF] [DOC]

Planning and Placement Team Attendance

ED633   [PDF] [DOC]

Spanish Version

ED633   [PDF] [DOC]

Agreement to Change an Individualized Education Program Without Convening a Planning and Placement Team Meeting

ED634   [PDF] [DOC]

Spanish Version

ED634   [PDF] [DOC]

Summary of Performance

ED635   [PDF] [DOC]

Mutual Agreement to Extend Evaluation Timeline-SLD 

ED637   [PDF] [DOC]

Language and Communication Plan

ED638   [PDF

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