Connecticut Administrator Test (CAT)

Who is required to take the Connecticut Administrator Test (CAT)?

All prospective administrators enrolled in Connecticut administrator preparation programs seeking a recommendation for the Initial Educator Certification for Intermediate Administration or Supervision (#092) must pass the CAT in order to be certified.

All administrators prepared outside of Connecticut with fewer than 3 years within the last 10 years of administration experience who apply for the Initial Educator Certification for Intermediate Administration or Supervision (#092) must pass the CAT. An applicant recommended by an out-of-state institution may be eligible for a one-year deferral of the CAT.

NOTE: All candidates are required to earn a minimum total CAT score of "eight" and achieve no lower than a "two" (minimal pass) on each module.  Candidates are only required to retake modules with a score below "two."

NOTE: Previously, out-of-state applicants also had the option of taking The School Leader Licensure Assessment (SLLA) test (Test Code #1010) that is administered nationally by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).  Please note that SLLA (test #1010) was discontinued as of August 31, 2009.  The CSDE will accept SLLA (test #1010) up to August 31, 2014, and applicants may submit a score report for review to determine if the score may be accepted. The new SLLA (test code #1011) is not being accepted in Connecticut for out-of-state applicants and candidates with fewer than 3 years of successful administrative experience in another state will need to take and pass the CAT to qualify for the intermediate administration and supervision endorsement.

How can I obtain a Registration Bulletin/Study Guide for the CAT?

The Candidate Registration Bulletin/Study Guide offers practice tests and scoring examples.  Bulletin/Study Guides is available for downloading at

When is the CAT Administered?

The Connecticut Administrator Test (CAT) will be administered on the following dates in 2015-2016:

  • October 24, 2015
  • March 5, 2016 (snow date 3/12/16)
  • June 4, 2016
NOTE:  Beginning in October 2014, the Connecticut Administrator Test (CAT) began to transition from a handwritten (HW) paper and pencil version of the CAT to a keyboarded (KB) version of the test, distinguished as the eCAT.

Candidates currently have the option of registering for eCAT at either ITBD-New Britain or EASTCONN-Hampton.

The October 24, 2015 test administration will be 50% eCAT; the March 5, 2016 test administration will be 75% eCAT; and the June 4, 2016 test administration will be 100% eCAT.

If eCAT registrations do not fill to capacity at either site, candidate registrations will be randomly selected and switched to eCAT as we continue our phase-out of the handwritten version of the CAT.

CAT Score Reports:
Candidates may view score reports online at within five to six weeks of the administration date.  The score report will include information about the performance on each module – “Pass”, “Not Passing”, or “Fail”, and overall test results (meets or does not meet the CAT requirement). If a candidate has not taken all four modules, or not yet met the passing standard of “8”, the score report will indicate that they have not met the CAT requirement.  For further information regarding the passing standards, please refer to the CAT Study Guide/Bulletin online at

How do I register to take the Connecticut Administrator Test (CAT)?

Registration and test dates are online at  For additional information, please contact Nancy Jagaczewski at EASTCONN at 860-455-1527 or via email: or contact Ann Milette at EASTCONN at 860-455-1579 or via email:

Please specify if you are a first-time CAT test taker or you need to schedule a re-take.

For more information, including test dates, visit:

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