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Professional Development Schools

What Are Professional Development Schools?

Professional development schools are partnerships between schools and universities, based on the ultimate goals of improving teacher preparation and professional development and promoting inquiry through collaborative research by the partnering institutions.

By design, professional development schools borrow heavily from the tested medical model of teaching hospitals, where practitioners, clinical professors, and researchers work together to improve services to patients and prepare future practitioners.

Following this model, four activities, each designed to affect traditional schooling, occur simultaneously and are connected and integrated at the PDS site:

· Preparation of preservice teachers and other school-based educators;

· Professional development of practicing teachers and other school-based educators;

· Exemplary practice designed to maximize student achievement;

· Sustained, applied inquiry designed to improve student and educator development.

What Benefits Does the PDS Model Have For Teaching And Learning?

The professional development school partnerships potentially can benefit the public school and the university by facilitating:

· A regular exchange of information about innovative educational practices between teachers and university faculty.

· Shared responsibility of both partners for developing and testing curriculum design, teaching techniques, and student learning modalities, in part through practice-oriented research.

· Collaborative and/or team teaching of teacher preparation courses by faculty from both systems.

· Provision of staff development for both university and school faculty and of mentoring beginning teachers

· Collaborative responsibility for tutoring in both systems and for conducting after-school clinics for public school students.

· Working together to involve parents and the community in improving student achievement.

The state of Connecticut currently has more than fifty partnerships that operate between schools and universities. Some of these are partnerships established to accomplish specific objectives. Others are partnerships that are in the process of becoming or are already professional development schools who seek to accomplish the four primary integrated functions of a professional development school: (1) teacher preparation, (2) professional development, (3) exemplary practice, and (4) inquiry.

Currently, through Connecticut School Improvement Initiative/Goals 2000 Funds, 12 professional development schools receive funding and support from the Connecticut State Department of Education. These professional development school partnerships include:

·New Professional Development School at Bloomfield High School

Partner Organizations:

-Central Connecticut State University
-Bloomfield High School

· Bridgeport Public Schools - University of Bridgeport Academic Partnership

Partner Organizations:

-University of Bridgeport
-Bridgeport Public Schools: Bassick High School, Longfellow, and Roosevelt Schools

· Continuing Professional Development Schools

Partner Organizations:

-University of CT
-Hockanum Elementary, East Hartford

·Continuing PDS Partnership Between Barbour School and CCSU

Partner Organizations:

- Central Connecticut State University
- Barbour School, Hartford

· Professional Development School

Partner Organizations:

-Eastern Connecticut State University
-Thomas W. Mahan Elementary School, Norwich

· Professional Development School Partnership Between Washington Middle School, Meriden, and Quinnipiac College

Partner Organizations:

-Quinnipiac College
-Washington Middle School, Meriden

·Linking Literacy Assessment and Instruction through Collaborative Peer Coaching

Partner Organizations:

-Central Connecticut State University
-Silver Lane Elementary School, East Hartford

· Professional Development School Partnership with Western CT State University Continuation Grant

Partner Organizations:

-Western CT State University
-Stadley Rough School, Danbury

· A Professional Development School for the 21st Century

Partner Organizations:

-Southern Connecticut State University
-Momauguin Elementary School, East Haven

· Uniting Teachers, Teacher Educators and Prospective Teachers Through Peer Coaching as a Collaborative Structure

Partner Organizations:

-St. Joseph's College
-Moylan Elementary School, Hartford

· Stamford Public Schools Professional Development Schools at K.T.Murphy School

Partner Organizations:

-Fairfield University
-K.T. Murphy School, Stamford

· Responsive Classroom Consortium

Partner Organizations:

-Connecticut College
-New London: Edgerton School, Regional Multicultural -Magnet School, Interdistrict School for Art and Communication
-Norwich: Integrated Day Charter School

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