SDE: Press Releases 2009

Press Releases 2009
  • 11/18/09

State Department of Education Reports that State has Met Second Year Goals of Sheff Stipulated Agreement [PDF] 159KB

  • 11/10/09

Connecticut Prepares Application for Federal Race to the Top Funding

  • 10/14/09

Connecticut's Eighth Grade Students Post Gains on 2009 NAEP Math; Student Performance in Grade Four Remains Unchanged [PDF]

  • 09/02/09

AYP State Department of Education Reports on "Adequate Yearly Progress' of Connecticut Schools and Districts under NCLB Information

  • 08/25/09

Connecticut's Class of 2009 Scores Higher on SAT Math Test Exceeds National Average on Reading and Writing Tests [Doc]  

  • 07/29/09

CAPT Results for Grade 10 Students Show Slight Declines at Both Proficient and Goal Levels in all Content Areas Except Reading [PDF] 63KB

  • 07/29/09

2009 CMT Results Post Gains Across Grades 3-8 in All Content Areas [PDF] 62KB

  • 06/11/09

Governor Rell Signs Bill Requiring Green Cleaning Products in Public Schools  [Doc] 
House Bill 6496 requires local and regional school districts to use green cleaning products in schools. 

  • 05/06/09

Governor Rell to Kick off 2009 Summer Reading Challenge [PDF] 53KB
The Governorís Summer Reading Challenge began in 1996 and since then it is estimated that Connecticut students have read more than 7 million books.

  • 02/25/09

Food That's In When School Is Out! [PDF] 24KB
This summer, approximately 33,000 Connecticut children will be able to receive free meals through the 2009 federal Summer Food Service Program for Children but qualified local sponsoring organizations must be found.

  • 02/04/09

State Department of Education Proposes Changes in Certification Regulations for New Teaching Certificates Effective in July 2014 [PDF] 65KB
The next generation of teachers in Connecticut will be better equipped to meet the needs of a variety of students as a result of new certification requirements being developed by the state Department of Education.

  • 01/06/09

State Department of Education Completes Comprehensive Management Plan to Meet Stipulated Agreement in Sheff Case [PDF] 513KB
The five-year Plan, consistent with the Stipulated Agreement, sets forth annual desegregation goals for Hartford public school students.

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