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Specialized Health Care Procedures

K. Health Assessment


Refers to the collection and analysis of information or data about a studentís health situation to determine the studentís state of health; level of wellness; patterns of functioning; and need for health services, counseling, and education. Health assessment by the school nurse includes data collection, data analysis, and nursing diagnosis. It also includes identification of student health needs that require collaborative management with physicians, other health care providers and school team members. The assessment is systematic, goal oriented, directed by a body of knowledge, and related to both the health and educational needs of the student.


Identifies student health needs by obtaining appropriate information about a studentís health status, strengths, limitations, and coping mechanisms to manage the studentís health problems in the school setting.


Studentís cumulative health record, nursing record, and progress notes; information from physicians, parents, acute care facilities, other related service providers.


For any student with actual or potential health care needs, the school nurse, in collaboration with the family, student, health care providers, and other school staff as appropriate, should:

  • Complete the initial health assessment on school entry or reentry.
  • Complete the health assessment component for special education or Section 504 eligibility evaluation, if appropriate.
  • Develop a health care plan to meet the studentís special health needs in school; collaborate with appropriate members of the school team.
  • Evaluate the health care services provided to the student periodically.
  • Revise the health care plan accordingly.

Select Nursing Considerations

School nurses who only meet minimal qualifications under Connecticut General Statutes Section 10-212 School Nurses and School Nurse Practitioners may or may not be competent in the health assessment of children and young people ages 0Ė21, depending on their educational preparation and experience. School nurses who have had no pediatric experience or those who are new to the educational arena, may need assistance from an experienced school nurse or school nurse supervisor to appropriately perform this activity. Supervision by a qualified school nursing supervisor is desirable and recommended.

Delegation Considerations

Health assessment is the licensed function of physicians and registered nurses and can never be delegated to, or assumed by other school personnel. The school nurse and/or school nurse supervisor will consult with the school medical adviser as appropriate. LPNs and appropriately trained paraprofessionals can contribute to the health assessment by gathering data such as height, weight, and vital signs. The registered nurse is the health professional who has the expertise to present health assessment information at early intervention meetings, PPTs, and 504 meetings.


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