SDE: Clinical Guidelines Ch7O

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Specialized Health Care Procedures

O. Intravenous Therapy


Administration of prescribed fluids via an intravenous route using a pump infusion method.


  1. To provide or supplement hydration and nutrition by intravenous route, when other feeding routes are ineffective (oral, g-tube).
  2. To provide IV medication necessary for a student to be in school.


Gloves, IV pole, prescribed solutions (including medication if ordered), clamp, alcohol wipes, disposable IV set up, 2 cc syringe, infusion pump.


Intravenous Therapy (IVT)

  1. To administer medication through catheter placed in a vein, clean the port with alcohol wipe and administer the medication through the port after expelling all air.
  2. To administer IV fluids, connect the fluids directly to the catheter or through an IV pump after cleaning the port with alcohol wipe and expelling all air. Follow doctor’s orders for the rate of flow. When the ordered amount of fluids has been administered, disconnect the bag from the port and discard appropriately.

Select Nursing Considerations

Performing a venipuncture requires skills and specialized training. Nurses may contact an area hospital or college for a phlebotomy course as necessary.

Delegation Considerations

Only a school nurse, RN, or LPN can administer IV fluids or medications. Appropriately trained, unlicensed assistive personnel can monitor running IV infusions with supervision, evaluation, and feedback with an IHCP in place.


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