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Early Childhood Education

The Connecticut State Board of Education is committed to ensuring that all of the state’s preschool-age children, including children with disabilities, are afforded an opportunity to participate in a high-quality preschool education. Such an experience fosters a child’s overall development, including literacy and readiness for the public school kindergarten curriculum. The Board’s focus on preschool education is a cornerstone of the state’s school reform efforts, with attention to high expectations and the assurance that preschool-age children will demonstrate performance and proficiency at each age and stage of development and will enter school ready to learn.

 Publications Related to Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood SRBI
  • An Introductory Brochure on Supporting All Students [PDF]
  • A Guide for Preschool Programs [PDF 
  • Embedded Strategies Manual [PDF]  
  • Sample EC SRBI planning forms [DOC
  • Full-Day, Extended-Day and Half-Day Kindergarten Programs [PDF]
  • Ready by 5 & Fine by 9 [PDF]
  • Kindergarten Entry, Enrollment and Attendance [PDF]  Spanish Version [PDF]
  • Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten (English Version) [PDF
  • Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten (Spanish Version) [PDF]  
Curriculum and Instruction
General Guidance
  • Training Wheels: The Cycle of Intentional Teaching Using Connecticut’s Preschool Curriculum and Assessment Frameworks [PDF
  • Meeting School Readiness Requirement for Accreditation by NAEYC [PDF
  • Developmental Screenings [PDF
  • Quality Systems Crosswalk Report [PDF]  
  • SBE Position Statement on Early Childhood Education [PDF]
  • SBE Position Statement on Infants, Toddlers and their Parents [PDF]
  • Closing the Achievement Gaps: Removing the Barriers to Preschool in Connecticut [PDF]
  • Young Parents Program [PDF]
  • Project Stars: Early Childhood Educator Professional Development Initiative [PDF]
  • Early Literacy Concept Paper [PDF]
  • Action Guide for Child Care Nutrition and Physical Activity Policies   
  • Blueprint for Action: Implementing the Early Childhood Agenda [PDF]



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