SDE: Title I - Parent Involvement

Title I - Parent Involvement

 Title I Parent Involvement Requirements 

School-Parent Compacts

  1. School-Parent Compact Guide to Quality [PDF] [DOC]
  2. Sample School-Parent Compact [PDF] [DOC]
  3. Blank Template [DOC]
  4. Ten Steps to Success for Developing School-Parent Compacts [PDF]
  5. Training Slides from CSDE Workshop - Dust Off Your Old School-Parent Compact: Linking School-Family Partnerships to Your School Improvement Plan [PPT]
  6. School-Parent Compact Legislation - Section 1118(d) of the Federal Title I Law [PDF]
On-Line Video Coaching through an Easy Ten-Step Process
Dust Off Your Old School-Parent Compact: Linking Family Engagement to Your School Improvement Plan
This video-based workshop will show you how to engage families, teachers and students in designing a School-Parent Compact for action tied to your School Improvement Plan. Each step in the easy 10-step process includes planning forms, templates and sample documents to help you create your new School Parent Compact.  Watch now!
School-Level Plan Requirements
District-Level Policy Requirements

 Title I Parent Involvement Resources 

Resources for building effective partnerships.


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