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The State Department of Education's Family Learning Initiative works to expand, strengthen and coordinate family literacy services in the state. It was designed to promote the literacy of both parents and children as a learning team. Family Literacy exists in all families and occurs naturally during day-to-day routines to help adults and children get things done (like using drawings or written words to communicate ideas; keeping records; making lists; or sharing stories and messages through reading, writing and conversation). For more information on how to get things done while improving your families learning, see Family: Where Learning Grows in English or Spanish.

Community Conversations 

Community Conversations are bringing people together to collaboratively address local adult, child and family literacy issues. These communities are using the new Study Circles Guide on Families and Literacy [PDF] developed by the State Department of Education as part of its commitment to the Connecticut Family Literacy Initiative.  Study circles are small democratic discussions that provide ways for people to build community and resolve problems. To learn more, go to

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Annotated Bibliography in Family Literacy (full PDF version)-The Goodling Institute’s Annotated Bibliography in Family Literacy is intended for program staff, researchers, community leaders, private and public funding agencies, policymakers, and others who want to learn more about family literacy (including the theory, policy, and research upon which it is based), reviews over 170 publications exploring the areas highlighted and defined below. The Annotated Bibliography is now searchable as an entire document or by sections (parent and child interactive literacy time, parenting education, program description and models, curriculum and instruction, collaboration within programs and among social services agencies, assessment and evaluation in family literacy programs, culture and context, government policy, and professional development). The sections and the entire bibliography can also be downloaded and printed as PDF files.


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