SDE: Young Parents Program

Young Parents Program

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Programs are currently located in
the following school districts:

    • Bridgeport
    • Griswold
    • New Britain
    • New Haven
    • Torrington
    • Windham

In Connecticut, a high percentage of the babies born (13.7%) have teenage parents. Many of these babies are born to students who are 16 years old or younger. The mothers, fathers and babies all have special needs; some of these can be met by school districts. The birth of a child to teenage parents is a physical, emotional and financial burden for them which often results in their dropping out of school. While the educational system alone cannot solve all of the problems facing pregnant and parenting teenagers or provide all of the health and social services they need, educators are in a unique position to recognize the importance of encouraging pregnant adolescents and those who are already parents to continue their education and become independent and productive adults.

A Young Parents Program (YPP) provides day care services for the infants/toddlers of students who are enrolled in and attending a comprehensive high school program leading to graduation from high school. A comprehensive high school program does not include an adult education program.


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