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Healthy Food Certification Documentation

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All public schools that have chosen to implement Healthy Food Certification (HFC) under Section 10-215f of the Connecticut General Statutes must submit the online HFC Compliance Form to the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) by November 30 of each year. In addition, selected school districts must also submit lists of foods and beverages sold to students from all sources.

Required for All Districts

All districts must submit the online HFC Compliance Form by November 30, 2017.

Districts can preview the guidance and questions before completing the online form.
Note: The preview document is only intended to assist districts with completing the online form. Do not submit the preview document to the CSDE. The HFC Compliance Form must be submitted online only.

Resources for Completing HFC Documentation
Required for Selected Districts
Selected districts listed on the handout, Districts Required to Submit Lists of Foods and Beverages for School Year 2017-18, must submit lists of foods and beverages sold to students. Do NOT submit these lists if your district is not listed.

These lists must be e-mailed to the CSDE. For more information, see page 4 of Guidance for HFC Documentation.
CONTACT:  Susan S. Fiore, M.S., R.D. at or 860-807-2075
Connecticut State Department of Education
Bureau of Health, Nutrition, Family Services and Adult Education
Child Nutrition Programs
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Nondiscrimination Statements (USDA and CSDE)

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