SDE: Action Guide for School Nutrition and Physical Activity Policies

Action Guide for School Nutrition and Physical Activity Policies

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The Action Guide for School Nutrition and Physical Activity Policies provides comprehensive guidance for school districts on developing and implementing local policies to promote healthy eating and physical activity. It will assist school districts with meeting recommended state (Connecticut) and national guidelines and the School Wellness Policy requirements of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Public Law 108-265. The action guide was reviewed by a committee representing 21 health and education organizations in Connecticut and was adopted by the Connecticut State Board of Education on January 11, 2006.

The action guide translates research-based policy development concepts and models into real-life strategies that work at the local level, based on the experience of 10 Connecticut pilot school districts. It is intended to guide local school districts in establishing and implementing policies and practices that:

  • promote students’ improved nutrition and increased physical activity;
  • encourage families to support and participate in programs and initiatives that are intended to improve their children’s health; and
  • encourage schools to collaborate with community organizations to provide consistent health messages and to support school-based activities that promote healthy eating and physical activity.
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Action Guide for Child Care Nutrition and Physical Activity Policies
This online version of the action guide replaces the previous publication distributed by the Connecticut State Department of Education to schools in February 2006. It was revised in April 2009 to remove outdated information and include new information based on food and beverage statutes that were implemented after the guide was published. Please discard hard copies and replace with this updated version.
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Action Guide [PDF]
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  • Cover [PDF]
  • Contents and Acknowledgments [PDF]
  • Section 1 - Overview [PDF]
  • Section 2 - Steps for Creating Local Policy [PDF]
  • Section 3 - Policy Component: Nutrition Education and Promotion [PDF]
  • Section 4 - Policy Component: Physical Education and Physical Activity [PDF]
  • Section 5 - Policy Component: Nutrition Standards for School Foods and Beverages [PDF]
  • Section 6 - Policy Component: Other School-Based Activities to Promote Student Wellness [PDF]
  • Section 7 - Policy Component: Communication and Promotion [PDF]
  • Section 8 - Policy Component: Measurement and Evaluation [PDF]
  • Section 9 - School Nutrition Policies Pilots [PDF]
  • Glossary and Back Cover [PDF]


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