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Guidelines for a Coordinated Approach to School Health
Complete Guidelines [PDF]
[Download by Section Below]

This document offers guidance to local education agencies in response to Section 10-203a of the Connecticut General Statutes, Guidelines Regarding Physical Health Needs of Students, Optional Adoption of Plans by Local and Regional Boards of Education. These guidelines are intended to assist local and regional boards of education with developing plans to:(1) engage students in physical activities; (2) formulate strategies to coordinate health education, programs and services; and (3) establish procedures for assessing the need for related community-based services.

Guidelines for A Coordinated Approach to School Health contains recommendations and, when appropriate, requirements for local policies, using language that models best practice for the development of school health policies. It provides background that confirms and validates that physical and mental health affects school readiness and academic achievement. The guidelines address issues of connectedness to school, absenteeism, school climate, school health services and staff wellness, as well as curriculum for comprehensive school health education, physical education and nutrition education.

Download Coordinated Approach to School Health by section:

  • Acknowledgments, Contents, Executive Summary [PDF]
  • Introduction [PDF]
  • Chapter 1: Overview of the Coordinated Approach to School Health [PDF]
  • Chapter 2: Fostering Collaboration and Establishing Local Practices [PDF]
  • Chapter 3: Eight Components of the Coordinated Approach to School Health [PDF]
  • [PDF] Section 1: Comprehensive School Health Education
  • [PDF] Section 2: School Health Services
  • [PDF] Section 3: Physical Education
  • [PDF] Section 4: School Nutrition Services
  • [PDF] Section 5: School Behavioral Health Services
  • [PDF] Section 6: Staff Wellness
  • [PDF] Section 7: Healthy School Environment
  • [PDF] Section 8: School-Family-Community Partnerships

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