SDE: Exemplary Sexual Health Education (ESHE)

Sexual Health and Safe School Environments

Exemplary Sexual Health Education (ESHE)


Exemplary Sexual Health Education (ESHE) is a systematic, evidence-informed approach to sexual health education.  Characteristics of an exemplary sexual health education curriculum include:
  • Aligns student outcomes with standards;
  • Provides the essential knowledge and critical health skills sequentially over time as outlined in a scope and sequence;
  • Meets mandates of federal, state and local laws and policies;
  • Is tailored to students' needs and the contexts and educational practices of communities;
  • Includes student assessments that measure if students are learning what is intended for them to learn; and
  • Uses quality evidence-based curriculum materials that are:
    • Contains medically accurate information;
    • Consistent with the scientific research on effective sexual health education;
    • Is  developmentally and culturally appropriate; and
    • Uses strategies that are relevant and engaging.
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Stephanie Knutson, RN, MSN

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