SDE: Open Choice

Open Choice

Connecticut celebrates a long tradition of excellence and innovation in education. Its schools offer a range of educational programs to meet the diverse needs and career aspirations of its students in a variety of settings including comprehensive local schools, regional vocational-technical schools, vocational agriculture centers, charter schools, and magnet schools. All these programs serve to prepare students for college, the workplace and active citizenship.

The Open Choice program allows urban students to attend public schools in nearby suburban towns.  It allows suburban and rural students to attend public schools in a nearby urban center.  Enrollments are offered by school districts on a space-available basis in grades K-12.  Lotteries are used to place students when there are more applications than spaces available.  The program includes Hartford, Bridgeport and New Haven and their surrounding districts.

If you require further information on the Open Choice Programs, please contact:

Open Choice Program Manager: Janet Foster
Department of Education
450 Columbus Blvd., Suite 506
Hartford, CT 06103
Telephone: 860-713-6561

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