SDE: Interdistrict Cooperative Grants

Interdistrict Cooperative Grants

The Interdistrict Cooperative Grant (IDCG) Program established under Connecticut General Statutes Section 1074d is a competitive grant program that provides funding for programs that (A) increase student achievement, and (B) reduce racial, ethnic and economic isolation. This site is for current and potential grant awardees. The program operates on a one-year funding cycle (July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018.)

Catalogue of 2017-2018 Programs - Under Construction

Note: Abstracts were verbatim provided by the grantees

  • IDCG Reporting Requirements 2017-2018 

  • Summer 2017 Programs must complete:
    • a web-based data entry report by December 4, 2017
    Full-Year 2017-2018 Programs must complete:
    • web-based data entry report by June 30, 2018

    Frequently Asked Questions For 2017 - 2018 IDCG Cycle:

    • What is the last date to submit budget modifications? May 2, 2017
    • When should all funds be obligated? June 30, 2017
    • When should all funds be liquidated? July 30, 2017
    • Are Indirect Costs allowed for the Interdistrict Cooperative Grants? Only to the Regional Educational Service Centers if they are serving as the fiscal agent.
    • How do you submit a budget modification? In order to modify your existing budget you will need to resubmit an ED114 to SDE or modify within the Prepayment Grant System. 
    • Where is the web-based data entry system located?
    • Do summer and full time programs require the same minimum (45) operating hours and minimum face to face time (30) hours for participating students?  Yes.
    • Selected References [PDF]
    • Glossary [PDF]
    • Sample Interim and Final Report Format [DOC]


    If you require further information, please contact:

    Interdistrict Program Manager: Janet Foster
    Department of Education
    450 Columbus Blvd., Suite 506
    Hartford, CT 06103
    Telephone: 860-713-6561
    Fax:           860-713-7021

    For technical questions, contact the Web Content Coordinator:  Felicia Canty.

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