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{Choose Success! A Guide to Public School Choice for Students and Their Families}

Choose Success! A Guide to School Choice for Connecticut Students and their Families

{Charter School Programs}  

Charter schools are publicly funded schools that are run independently of the school district. Charter schools' purpose is to establish an alternative means of education within the existing public school system, which provides innovative learning opportunities to improve the education of students.

{Interdistrict Magnet Schools}  

Students in interdistrict magnet schools come together to learn in educational settings that offer a range of themes or teaching philosophies, including science, technology, engineering and math (STEM); environmental science; arts; Montessori; and global and international studies.

{Open Choice Program}  

The Open Choice program allows urban students to attend public schools in nearby suburban towns. It also allows suburban and rural students to attend public schools in a nearby urban center. The program includes Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven and their surrounding school districts.

{Agricultural Science and Technology Education Centers}  

These centers prepare students for college and careers in the fields of agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and the environment as part of their high school program. Abilities, talents and interests are developed through a diverse learning environment in 19 centers across the state.

{Connecticut Technical High Schools}  

These schools provide students in Grades 9-12 with the opportunity to master skills in 31 trade and technology programs while earning a high school diploma. Students are prepared for immediate employment, apprenticeship programs, college and lifelong learning.


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