SDE: Charter Schools in Connecticut

Choose Success! A Guide to School Choice for Connecticut Students and their Families

Charter Schools


Achievement First Bridgeport Academy

Christina Pares, Principal–Elementary School
655 Stillman Street
Bridgeport, CT 06608
Tel: 203-338-0593

Grades: K–4  |  Enrollment: 460 |  Opening Date: Fall 2007

Achievement First Bridgeport Academy–Middle School

Simon Obas, Principal
529 Noble Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06608

Tel. 203-333-9128

Grades: 5–8  |  Enrollment: 367 |  Opening Date: Fall 2007

Achievement First Bridgeport Academy is a rigorous, college preparatory public charter school serving students from the Bridgeport community. The school’s program is built on elements of the culture and academic curriculum developed at Amistad Academy. The school is focused on academic and social growth, with college graduation at the core of its mission. There are high expectations for student conduct and academic growth, which fosters a culture of success in which achievement is valued and “cool.” Students feel safe in this positive environment, which allows them to become more self-aware and poised individuals. There are ample learning opportunities because of extended instructional days, small-group instruction, after-school tutoring and Summer Academy. Graduates of Achievement First Bridgeport Academy are invited to attend Amistad Elm City High School in New Haven as part of a cooperative agreement between the Achievement First schools.

The Bridge Academy

Timothy Dutton, Director

401 Kossuth Street

Bridgeport, CT 06608

Tel. 203-336-9999

Grades: 7–12  |  Enrollment: 280  |  Opening Date: Fall 1997

The Bridge Academy provides a college preparatory curriculum designed to overcome obstacles some have found in the inner city. The school’s goals are met through parental involvement; a mentor program with professionals from the Bridgeport business community; an introduction to the world outside Bridgeport that includes the arts; and a small enrollment that fosters a sense of community and self-respect.

Capital Preparatory Harbor School
Rich Beganski, Principal
777 Main Street
Bridgeport, CT 06604
Tel. 475 422-5900

Grades: 6-12| Enrollment: 250 | Opening Date: Fall 2015

Capital Preparatory Schools provides a year-round, college-preparatory education that encourages students to become scholars and agents of change. At Capital Prep, every student is expected to graduate and attend a four-year college of their choice. Capital Prep is an early-college model, which means students will have access to college courses while in high school.

Serving as the anchor for student development, Capital Prep educators provide an educational environment that creates opportunities for all students to realize and fulfill their academic, social, and civic responsibilities. As leaders of social justice, we expect our students to use their education to improve the lives of others.

Great Oaks Charter School Bridgeport

Brittney Jean-Louis, Principal
510 Barnum Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06608
Tel. 203 870-8188

Grades: 6-9 | Enrollment: 424 | Opening Date: Fall 2014

The mission of the Great Oaks Charter School-Bridgeport (GO-BPT) is to prepare students to succeed in college. The purpose of the school is to give students the knowledge and values required to graduate from a competitive four year college by delivering individualized instruction, emphasizing character development and fostering relationships with families. GO-BPT will specifically target the2,600 English Language Learners(ELLs)who comprise 13.2 percent of Bridgeport's student population. What sets GO-BPT's approach apart from other college preparatory charter schools is our high dosage tutoring; the Great Oaks Tutor Corps, a highly selective cadre of recent college graduates, will deliver at least two hours of individualized instruction to every student every day.

GO-BPT's envisions creating a supportive yet rigorous middle/high school program that promotes college readiness. GO-BPT will build a culture of excellence in which students are motivated to meet high standards and develop a lifelong love of learning. Teachers and tutors will build warm, caring relationships with students while also holding them to high academic and behavioral standards.

New Beginnings Family Academy

Ronelle P. Swagerty, Chief Executive Officer
184 Garden Street
Bridgeport, CT 06605
Tel. 203-384-2897

Grades: PK–8  |  Enrollment: 499 |  Opening Date: Fall 2002 

New Beginnings Family Academy (NBFA) provides its students a rigorous education that ensures academic success and builds character in partnership with their families. The Academy accomplishes this through challenging academic programming, developmentally-appropriate behavior management, family engagement and wrap-around services. NBFA operates an extended-day and extended-year program.

Park City Prep Charter School

Bruce Ravage, Executive Director
1550 State Street
Bridgeport, CT 06605
Tel. 203-953-3766

Grades: 5–8  |  Enrollment: 360  |  Opening Date: Fall 2006

The mission of Park City Prep is to maximize the academic achievement of each student in preparation for admission to, and success at, selective college preparatory high schools. As part of a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes mathematics, scientific inquiry and technology, the faculty and staff work to instill in each student the “PREP” values of responsibility, excellence and perseverance, and to imbue students with a vision of a future filled with opportunity and promise.


Achievement First Hartford Academy

Kerri-Ann Thomas, Principal – Elementary School
305 Greenfield Street
Hartford, CT 06112
Tel. 860-695-6560

Grades: K–4  |  Enrollment: 443  |  Opening Date: Fall 2008

Achievement First Hartford Academy Elementary opened as part of Superintendent Steven Adamowski’s ambitious reform plan for Hartford Public Schools. At Achievement First Hartford Academy Elementary, a tremendous focus is placed on reading, which occupies three hours of instruction per day broken into alternating blocks of small group instruction. Teachers and students start the day with Morning Motivation, which includes recognition of exemplary REACH (Respect, Enthusiasm, Achievement, Citizenship and Hard Work) and a schoolwide song to put all students on track to have a successful day of learning. At Achievement First Hartford Academy Elementary, teachers do not just preach constant learning—they practice it. Every teacher has a coach who they meet with on a weekly basis to identify strengths and develop strategies for improvement.

Achievement First Hartford Academy

Sorby Grant, Principal – Middle School
305 Greenfield Street
Hartford, CT 06112
Tel. 860-695-6760

Grades: 5–8  |  Enrollment: 222  |  Opening Date: Fall 2008

Achievement First Hartford Middle  opened in 2008 as part of then-superintendent Steven Adamowski’s ambitious reform plan for Hartford Public Schools and is now included in the district’s portfolio of schools. The school has one clear goal: ensure that every eighth-grade student leaves the school with the academic and character skills necessary for success in a rigorous, college-preparatory high school program. During the past five years, the school has consistently demonstrated gap-closing student achievement gains. At the end of the school’s inaugural year, AF Hartford Academy Middle’s fifth-grade class demonstrated the greatest overall student performance gains of any school in the Hartford Public Schools district. By the time these same students reached eighth grade, 90 percent scored at or above proficiency in math, reading and writing on the 2012 Connecticut Mastery Test—a 22 percentage point jump from their fifth-grade results. In addition to providing a rigorous academic program, AF Hartford Academy Middle is also committed to character development, and the school explicitly teaches students in Grades 5-8 to live by the REACH values: Respect, Enthusiasm, Achievement, Citizenship and Hard Work. After school, students participate in a wide array of sports teams, music and arts opportunities, and academic clubs.

Achievement First Summit Middle

Benjamin Cruse, Principal – Middle School
85 Edwards Street
Hartford, CT 06120
Phone: 860-428-2952

Grades: 5-7| Enrollment: 248 | Opening Date: Fall 2014

Achievement First Summit Middle is the newest school in the Achievement First network. The school will provide students with the academic and character skills they need to graduate from top colleges, to succeed in a competitive world and to serve as the next generation of leaders in our community. AF Summit Middle’s commitment to excellence is a statement of the core values that drive our team’s thoughts, decisions and actions. These values are reinforced in the way we approach every task. Our values are not separate from the academic curriculum; they are embedded into every lesson inside and outside the classroom.

The AF Summit Middle “Team & Family” is comprised of students, teachers, parents, staff and the surrounding community. We will all work together to help students reach the summit—college graduation. We will celebrate success as one team and then turn to the next challenge with focused urgency. We will face temporary failures as one team, and we will refuse to give up. Our team members will listen, help, comfort and support one another to get up and start again.

Achievement First Hartford Academy

Emily Banks, Principal - Achievement First High School Academy
305 Greenfield Street
Hartford, CT 06112
Tel. 860-695-6685

Grades: 9–12  |  Enrollment: 199  |  Opening Date: Fall 2008

Achievement First Hartford High School is a public charter high school in Hartford. It shares best practices with Achievement First Amistad High School in New Haven, the first high school in the Achievement First network of high-performing public charter schools, as well as with Achievement First Brooklyn High School, which opened in Brooklyn, NY, in 2009. One of the best lessons learned from Achievement First Amistad High School, which opened in 2006, is the need for urban high schools explicitly committed to closing the achievement gap. Achievement First Hartford High School will ensure that students receive the consistent academic rigor and character development they need to complete the path to college.

Thelma Ellis Dickerson’s Jumoke Academy Charter Schools

Dr. Troy Monroe, Executive Director
250 Blue Hills Avenue
Hartford, CT 06112
Tel. 860-527-0575

Grades: PK–5  |  Enrollment: 450  |  Opening Date: Fall 1997

Jumoke Academy's goal is to prepare children to compete in the global marketplace by achieving high academic and social excellence. Students are required to maintain full participation in a rigorous academic program that develops their critical thinking skills and mastery of grade appropriate math, reading, writing and science. Jumoke Academy maintains a strong partnership with its parents, community members and local universities. Among the school’s objectives are teaching all children a foreign language, technology/library science and arts literacy.

Jumoke Academy Honors Middle School

Justin Pistorius, Principal
339 Blue Hills Avenue
Hartford, CT 06112
Tel. 860-527-0575, ext. 130

Grades: 6–8  |  Enrollment: 185  |  Opening Date: 2010

Nicknamed “JAH-SMaRT,” this middle school academy is thematically centered on STEM education and promotes classroom and enrichment activities that facilitate scientific exploration. Our mission is to develop our students into mature, young adults who will make valuable contributions to the global society. Eighth-graders will leave JAH-SMaRT with a desire to question the world around them and the 21st century skills necessary to change it for the better!

Students at JAH-SMaRT participate in a rigorous academic program in language arts, math, science and social studies. In addition to these subjects, students receive character development classes about how to navigate the transition to middle school life. Students also receive exposure to different career options in math and the science through guest lectures and a host of science themed enrichment classes.

Jumoke Academy Honors at the Hartford Conservatory

Nichelle G. Woodson, Principal
834 Asylum Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105
Tel. 860-527-0575, ext. 130

Grades: 5–7  |  Enrollment: 160 |  Opening Date: Fall 2012

Jumoke Academy Honors at the Hartford Conservatory is an honors middle school with an arts integrated focus. Our mission is to develop our scholars into mature, young adults who will make valuable contributions to the global society. Scholars will graduate with exceptional 21st century skills, an appreciation for the arts, exemplary character, an understanding of diverse cultures and a confident sense of self.

At Jumoke Academy Honors at the Hartford Conservatory (JAH-HC), scholars participate in a rigorous academic program in English Language Arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. In addition to these subjects, scholars participate in extensive arts studies that include instrumental and vocal music, visual arts, dance and theater. The arts are also infused throughout the academic curriculum. Through experience in creative pursuits and performances, scholars will develop skills of leadership, self-motivation, collaboration, goal-setting, planning, organization and effective communication. We have created and value an environment that is engaging and responsive to adolescent development. Scholars at JAH-HC will be excited about learning, intellectually curious, and will act with thoughtfulness and compassion.


Odyssey Community School

Annie Busby, Assistant Principal
579 West Middle Turnpike
Manchester, CT 06040
Tel. 860-645-1234

Grades: K–8  |  Enrollment: 328  |  Opening Date: Fall 1997

Odyssey Community School provides an exemplary education in a community that nurtures the unique mind and heart of each child. Our students are taught to think clearly, learn independently, consume information wisely, communicate effectively in a variety of media, and understand the power of technology in society. Holding students accountable to high standards of behavior, families and teachers work together to help them become responsible citizens of strong, compassionate character who know themselves well. Graduates will be eager to continue learning and committed to improving the communities in which they live.

New Haven

Amistad Academy

Sarah Lewis – Elementary School Principal
130 Edgewood Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511
Tel. 203-772-7000

Grades: K–4  |  Enrollment: 444  |  Opening Date: Fall 2006

Amistad Academy Elementary opened in New Haven in 2006 as the long-awaited elementary expansion of the flagship Amistad Academy Middle School. At the beginning of the elementary school's first year of operation, only 4 percent of kindergarten scholars were reading at or above grade level; by the end of the year, the percentage had risen to 99 percent. The key to Amistad Academy Elementary's success is a school culture built on a strong foundation of sharing and caring, working hard, reflecting and having fun. Every morning, the music teacher kicks off Morning Motivation with a chant called "Are you going to have fun today?" For teachers, collegial observation is common, and "best practices are constantly shared."

Amistad Academy – Middle School

Katie Poynter, Principal
130 Edgewood Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511
Tel. 203-772-7000

Grades: 5–8  |  Enrollment: 364  |  Opening Date: Fall 1999

Amistad Academy Middle, the Achievement First flagship, opened in New Haven in 1999 and celebrated its 10th year of operation in 2009. The school was profiled in the PBS documentary “Closing the Achievement Gap” (2004) and was named Connecticut’s 2006 Title I Distinguished School after having the greatest performance gains of any middle school in the state. The school gathers every week for Morning Circle, where students are recognized by teachers and peers for academic achievement and strong character skills. Town Meetings take place every six weeks and build school spirit with music, skits, cheers and awards. Amistad Academy Middle’s robust after-school enrichment program, Encore!, offers students daily expert instruction in theater, karate, dance, orchestra, volleyball, step team, graphic design and other arts and athletic activities.

Achievement First Amistad High School

Morgan Barth, Principal
580 Dixwell Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511
Tel. 203-772-1092  |  Fax 203-772-1784

Grades: 9–12  |  Enrollment: 581  |  Opening Date: Fall 2006

Achievement First Amistad High School is based on an innovative premise: closing the achievement gap by providing a prep-school quality education to inner-city students. Achievement First Amistad High School combines rigorous academics and high expectations with a host of supports, including SAT prep, intensive college counseling, tutoring, explicit character education and a school culture in which it is “cool” to be smart. 

Booker T. Washington Academy

John Taylor, Executive Director
804 State Street
New Haven, CT 06511
Tel. 203-691-6535

Grades: K–4 | Enrollment: 301 | Opening Date: Fall 2014

The purpose of Booker T. Washington Academy is to provide new scholars, high quality educational services to children in grades prekindergarten through eighth grade with a principal focus on those who live in the Dixwell/Newhallville area of the City of New Haven and other surrounding towns. BTWA educates its scholars for leadership and responsible citizenship in society by developing the cognitive, moral, and social skills of children so they can compete academically and thrive in a diverse global community. BTWA’s scholars will receive a rigorous and developmentally appropriate curriculum including activities that address the unique talents and backgrounds of each child in the areas of science, mathematics, language arts, social studies, technology, physical education, music and art.

Common Ground High School

Lizanne Cox, Director
New Haven Ecology Project
358 Springside Avenue
New Haven, CT 06515
Tel. 203-389-0823

Grades: 9–12  |  Enrollment: 200  |  Opening Date: Fall 1997

Common Ground is the nation's oldest environmental charter high school, working to build the next generation of successful college students and powerful environmental leaders. The school uses three campuses—the forested ridge of West Rock State Park, our 20-acre educational farm, and the city of New Haven—to engage students and provide challenging, relevant learning experiences. Students build mastery of state standards as they design new green buildings on our site, partner in the research of university scientists, launch successful environmental business ventures, and create outdoor museum exhibits. Last year, 92 percent of Common Ground students were admitted to college and the school's four-year graduation rate exceeded the state average by nearly 10 points.

Elm City College Preparatory-Elementary School

Andrew Poole, Principal
407 James Street
New Haven, CT 06513
Tel. 203-772-7010

Grades: K–6  |  Enrollment: 455  |  Opening Date: Fall 2004

Elm City College Preparatory Elementary opened in New Haven in 2004 and was the first Achievement First school with an elementary program. Years later, the elementary reading curriculum continues to center on a three-hour, sacred reading block that uses a phonics-based literacy program and text-rich classrooms. Immersed in sounds and words, students are quickly provided with a solid, early foundation for more advanced reading. At Elm City College Preparatory Elementary, teachers find creative ways to encourage and reward hard work, such as taking students on trips to local book stores and participation in "Funtastic Friday" celebrations.

Elm City College Preparatory-Middle School

Robert Hawke, Principal
794 Dixwell Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511
Tel. 203-772-5332

Grades: 7–8  |  Enrollment: 128  |  Opening Date: Fall 2008

In the 2008-09 academic year, Elm City College Preparatory Middle's fifth-graders were the first scholars in the network to have graduated from an Achievement First elementary school and moved up to an Achievement First middle school. While incoming fifth-graders had historically averaged two years below grade level, many of these students were more than a full year ahead. Elm City College Preparatory Middle boasts a particularly “warm demanding” culture, where respect, teamwork and hard work are the platinum standard.

As with all Achievement First middle schools, students at Elm City College Preparatory Middle look forward all year to the end-of-year college field trips—a critical component of the college-focused curriculum. Elm City College Preparatory Middle’s fifth-grade scholars visit Temple University in Philadelphia, sixth-graders travel to Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, seventh-graders visit Morehouse and Spelman Colleges in Atlanta and eighth-graders visit the University of California at Berkeley. During these trips, students tour the campuses, attend lectures, participate in mock interviews with admissions staff and stay in the dormitories. While the college visit is the core of each trip, students’ horizons are broadened in countless other ways. For example, sixth-graders go camping, hiking and biking through Acadia National Park, and many eat their first lobster!

Elm City Montessori School

Alissa Levy, Principal
375 Quinnipiac Avenue
New Haven, CT 06513
Tel. 203-903-4031

Grades: PK-3 | Enrollment: 160 | Opening Date: Fall 2014

Elm City Montessori School (ECMS) is a public school offering a fully implemented Montessori curriculum to New Haven families. Currently enrolling children between the ages of three and five years old, Elm City Montessori School will grow to serve 350 students in grades PK3-8 over the next 8 years. Serving a racially, economically, and socially diverse population, ECMS faculty and staff will guide students as they develop within themselves the power to shape their lives and the world around them.

Elm City Montessori School is unique in that it is the only Local Charter School in the state of Connecticut. This means that, although the school has its own board of directors and substantial flexibility with regard to curriculum, ECMS works closely with the school district to ensure its students are taught by unionized, highly qualified teachers and have access to the supports they need to succeed. ECMS students are evaluated using the same tools and are held accountable to the same standards as all students attending New Haven Public Schools.

Highville Charter School, Inc.

Craig Drezek, Executive Director
1 Science Park
New Haven, CT 06511
Tel. 203-287-0528

Grades: PK–12 | Enrollment: 502 | Opening Date: Fall 1998

The Highville Charter School provides the Newhallville (New Haven) and Highwood (Hamden) communities with a PK-10 school with a global studies curriculum. The school incorporates the arts and foreign languages as a means to teach the basic skills as well as the higher-order thinking skills. The Highville School is developed in partnership with three area colleges and seeks to serve as a professional development model school. The school serves as a center for cultural, health, athletic and educational programs and workshops for the community.

New London

Interdistrict School for Arts and Communication

David Howes, Principal
190 Governor Winthrop Blvd.
New London, CT 06320
Tel. 860-447-1003

Grades: 6–8  |  Enrollment: 270  |  Opening Date: Fall 1997

The Interdistrict School for Arts and Communication (ISAAC) is a free, interdistrict, public charter school located in New London's Downtown Historic Waterfront District. Since 1997, ISAAC has celebrated its uniqueness as a diverse learning environment, serving students from the twenty towns cities and boroughs throughout Southeastern Connecticut.

ISAAC is an Expeditionary Learning school where students are challenged to discover their talents and strengths, while valuing the diversity in others in their school, community and the world. When asked, ISAAC families highlight the social and cultural diversity, the foundational importance of music and the arts to the learning experience, and the focus on individual creative development of their children as the hallmarks of an ISAAC education.


Integrated Day Charter School

Anna James, Director
68 Thermos Avenue
Norwich, CT 06360
Tel. 860-892-1900

Grades: PK–8  |  Enrollment: 330  |  Opening Date: Fall 1997

The Integrated Day Charter School, in partnership with its children, families and community, provides a safe, flexible and academically challenging learning environment that meets the unique social, emotional, academic and physical needs of each child.  IDCS students will become confident, socially responsible citizens and lifelong learners who apply their knowledge to improve themselves and the world around them.

Specific areas of concentration include individual research, parental involvement, social curriculum, multi-age grouping, personal goal setting and assessment, community building and an extended schedule.

South Norwalk

Side By Side Charter School

Matthew Nittoly, Director
10 Chestnut Street
South Norwalk, CT 06854
Tel. 203-857-0306

Grades: PK–8  |  Enrollment: 236  |  Opening Date: Fall 1997

The mission of the Side By Side Charter School is to create a multiracial learning environment for urban and suburban children and their families that ensures every child succeeds and every voice is heard. The school addresses all factors that affect achievement. It houses a Family Center using the 21st Century School model developed by Edward Zigler at Yale University. As a professional development model school, Side by Side is committed to perfecting the art and craft of teaching. Its philosophy of social justice drives its interdisciplinary curriculum. As a training site for interns, it serves as a model for child-centered, interactive instruction in a diverse setting.


Stamford Academy

Andrea Weller, Director
229 North Street
Stamford, CT 06092
Tel. 203-324-6300

Grades: 9–12  |  Enrollment: 148  |  Opening Date: Fall 2004

The mission of Stamford Academy is to create a positive, challenging and responsive learning environment for high school students who have not succeeded in a traditional setting. Students will complete required coursework in language arts, mathematics, civics and science, as well as electives that will prepare them for higher education. Stamford Academy provides a “bridge to college” as well as providing opportunities to develop the requisite skills for successfully entering the job market. The staff collects and monitors data regarding individual academic, social, emotional, behavioral and career goals, to determine student programming and targeted remediation. Opportunities to practice citizenship and responsibility will be developed as students participate actively in school, home and community.

Stamford Charter School for Excellence
Kevin Fisher
1 Schuyler Avenue
Stamford, CT 06902
Tel. 203 548 - 0194

Grades: PK-3| Enrollment: 273 | Opening Date: Fall 2015

The Stamford Charter School for Excellence is a public charter school based on a proven, nationally-recognized school model, practiced by the Bronx Charter School for Excellence, that can boost student achievement and prepare more Stamford students for college and the jobs of tomorrow. The Key Elements of the Model Proposed for the Stamford School High academic standards focused on preparing kids for college and jobs, extended school days, broad liberal arts education that stresses teaching critical thinking skills, data-driven instruction, rigorous parent engagement and open collaboration with the community.

While there are charter and high schools, there are no charter elementary schools in Stamford. SCSE offers another high performing academic option for families.

Trailblazers Academy

Craig Baker, Chief Educational Officer
83 Lockwood Avenue
Stamford, CT 06902
Tel. 203-977-5690

Grades: 6–8  |  Enrollment: 129  |  Opening Date: Fall 1999

The mission of Trailblazers Academy is to hold all students to high academic expectations. While maintaining small classes and fostering positive relationships, the school builds a strong academic foundation for each student by emphasizing core subjects, basic skills and character development. Many students have not been successful in traditional school environments and need a different learning environment to reach their full potential. A rigorous academic focus, paired with a comprehensive human development model and small classes, allows students to excel academically and build critical social and emotional skills needed for success.


Brass City Charter School

Dr. Barbara L. Ruggiero, Executive Director
212 Chestnut Avenue
Waterbury CT, 06710
Tel. 203-527-5942

Grades: PK–5  |  Enrollment: 250  |  Opening Date: Fall 2013

Brass City Charter School (BCCS) provides a rigorous academic and holistic social-emotional learning program that will eliminate the achievement gap for underserved students. BCCS enables students to soar academically, develop as people of character, and lead meaningful and productive lives both for themselves and for their community. BCCS is based on the very successful educational model that has operated at the Children’s Community School for 45 years. Highly dedicated staff who believe in the potential of each child, coupled with small classes, an extended school day and a longer school year all support the program. Parents are expected to play a significant role in their child’s education.


Path Academy Windham

Brooke Lafreniere, Principal
832-842 Main Street
Willimantic, CT 06226
Tel. 860-336-4200

Grades: 9-12 | Enrollment: 200 | Opening Date: Fall 2014

Path Academy Windham is designed to re-engage over-age, under-credited students in education, supporting them through mastery of the critical skills necessary for success in college, career, and community.

Path Academy Windham's innovative model, academic program, and overall vision work to re-engage the Windham region's over-age, under-credited (OU) students. Path Academy Windham brings a unique learning environment to a community in need of a solution for these students. Whether due to academic or personal difficulties, these youth have previously struggled in and disengaged from traditional schools, failing to receive supports necessary for success. This school model addresses both students' academic needs, as well as offers services to help students implement a post-secondary plan. Students accumulate credit on a mastery-based progression program, affording them the opportunity to see success each and every day. Simultaneously, staff works with the student body to pinpoint areas of interest to pursue long term, in addition to providing guidance to work through barriers that may prevent the students from long term advancement.


Explorations Charter School

Jill Johnson, Principal
The Brian J. O’Neil Building
71 Spencer Street
Winsted, CT 06098
Tel. 860-738-9070

Grades: 9–12  |  Enrollment: 92 |  Opening Date: Fall 1997

The mission of Explorations Charter School is to cultivate a positive attitude toward lifelong learning in an experiential, nontraditional educational setting. Students participate in activities such as career exploration and adventure education in addition to their individual course work. Supportive activities are emphasized; tutoring and counseling are provided regularly; and students are encouraged to participate in a partnership to earn tuition-free community college credit while attending high school. Students must be present 95 percent of the time and pass 80 percent of their course work to participate. Explorations adheres to its strict attendance, admissions, and academic contracts.


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