SDE: Procedure for Application as an Approved Nonpublic School


Nonpublic school approval by the State Department of Education is a voluntary matter for the individual school.*  In order to attain such approval, schools must obtain accreditation from an agency approved by the State Department of Education.  In the case of a school accredited by an approved agency, such designation ensures that established procedures have been followed and that approval by the State Department of Education is warranted.  At this time, the Department of Education has given formal recognition to the approval procedures of certain accrediting agencies listed.  (See, Approved Accrediting Agencies).

Schools seeking state approval must:

  • Obtain accreditation by an agency recognized by the State Department of Education;

  • Request that the recognized agency submit to the State Department of Education a copy of the Visiting Committee’s report and formal notification from the agency to the school regarding the school’s accreditation; and

  • Submit copies of the current clearance by fire and health authorities to the State Department of Education.

*NOTE:  Nonpublic schools may operate in Connecticut without state approval. However, section 10-188 of the Connecticut General Statutes provides that attendance at a nonpublic school shall not be regarded as compliance with the compulsory school attendance laws unless such nonpublic school (approved or unapproved) files a yearly attendance report with the Commissioner of Education.  Filing the attendance report does not imply State Department of Education approval of the nonpublic school.

In addition, nonpublic schools that are not approved by the Department of Education and serve children under the age of five may be required to obtain a license to operate a child day care facility from the Department of Public Health.  For more information, see Family Day Care Homes, Group Day Care Homes, Child Day Care Centers information.

For questions concerning the nonpublic school approval process, please contact Laura Anastasio, Office of Legal and Governmental Affairs at (860) 713-6520.

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