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The Alliance District program is a unique and targeted investment in Connecticutís 30 lowest-performing districts. Connecticut General Statue Section 10-262u establishes a process for identifying Alliance Districts and allocating increased Education Cost Sharing (ECS) funding to support district strategies to dramatically increase student outcomes and close achievement gaps by pursuing bold and innovative reforms. Pursuant to C.G.S. ß 262u, each Alliance Districtís receipt of its designated ECS funding is conditioned upon district submission and the Commissioner of Educationís approval of a plan, district progress and performance relative to that plan, and subsequent annual amendments, in the context of the districtís overall strategy to improve academic achievement. The CSDE reviews district plans on an annual basis and approves plans aligned to the goals of the program. Annual plan approval is predicated upon district implementation and performance during the prior year. 


In response to feedback from districts and in an effort to streamline and align district strategic planning processes, the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) is pleased to provide a consolidated grant application for Alliance and Priority School Districts (PSDs). The purpose of the consolidated application is to centralize district reform priorities in one overarching plan, as supported and enabled by Alliance and PSD funding. The CSDE has identified four priorities for Alliance Districts, focusing on: (1) the transition to Common Core State Standards and next-generation assessments; (2) educator evaluation and support; (3) interventions in low-performing schools; and (4) K-3 literacy. In addition to addressing district-specific needs and goals, all districts are expected to develop systems, processes, and infrastructure in these critical areas.


In total, the Alliance Districts serve over 200,000 students and 410 schools. Through this program we have the opportunity to transform the educational experiences and outcomes of thousands of traditionally underserved students and families across the state.


2016-17 Turnaround Office Calendar

2016-17 (Year 5) Consolidated Alliance and Priority School District Application

  • 2016-17 Consolidated Alliance and Priority School District Application [PDF]
  • 2016-17 Consolidated Alliance and Priority School District Budget Workbook [XLS]

Alliance District Approved Plans

School-level Grant Opportunities:

  • TIME Collaborative Cohort 4 Application [PDF]
  • High School Redesign Application [PDF]
  • 1003(a) School Improvement Application [PDF] [XLS]
  • Federal School Improvement Grant Cohort 4 Application [PDF[DOC]
    Budget Workbook [XLS] 
  • Commissioner's Network

Alliance District Resources:

Desi Nesmith
Chief Turnaround Officer
Telephone: (860) 713-6760

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