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{The Student Success Plan in Connecticut}

The Student Success Plan (SSP) is an individualized student driven plan that will be developed to address every studentís needs and interests to help every student stay connected in school and to achieve postsecondary educational and career goals. The SSP will begin in the 6th grade and continue through high school to provide the student support and assistance in setting goals for social, emotional, physical and academic growth, meeting rigorous high school expectations, and exploring postsecondary education and career interests. The Student Success Plan and supporting structures such as student portfolios and academic/personal records should be electronic and portable following the student from school to school and district to district.

Public Act No. 11-135

  • Section 2(j)
    • An act concerning implementation dates for the Secondary School Reform, exceptions to the school governance council requirement and the inclusion of continuous employment in a cooperative arrangement as part of the definition of teacher tenure.

    "For the school year commencing July 1, 2012, and each school year thereafter, each local and regional board of education shall create a student success plan for each student enrolled in a public school, beginning in grade six. Such student success plan shall include a studentís career and academic choices in grades six to twelve, inclusive."


    (all documents are PDF unless noted)

    The SSP Toolkit

    The SSP Handbook

    Resources/Activities Inventory [DOC ] [PDF ]
    CSDE SSP Presentation [PPT] [PDF]
    SSP Grade Level Templates

    SSP Powerpoint Resources

    District Exemplars/Best Practices
    Connecticut State Publications
    National Publications/Resources
        Academic Development
    Career Development
    Social, Emotional and Physical Development
    The SSP for Students with Disabilities
    Alignment with College and Career Readiness [PPT] [PDF]
    Alignment with IEP's, SOP's, 504 Plans and IHP's [PPT] [PDF]

    Crosswalk with Individual Plans for Students with Disabilities [PDF]

    External Resources
    My College QuickStart is an online college and career planning kit available free of charge to all students who take the PSAT/NMSQT. It is powered by their responses to the test and provides personalized information that helps students take their next steps toward college: My College Quick Start demo:
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