SDE: Sample Lesson Plans to Support English Language Arts Unit of Study

Sample Lesson Plans to Support English Language Arts Units of Study

The sample lesson plans provide guidance to Connecticut districts as they implement CT Standards (Common Core State Standards) at the classroom level. 

The lesson plans are samples only. Time allotted for each lesson varies (e.g., one week) and represent portions of the overall unit time (e.g., five weeks). These lessons are not intended to be all inclusive, nor are they intended to address the unique needs of students in every classroom.  The texts included in the lesson plans are chosen for illustrative purposes only and are not mandated.

When developing district curriculum, district and school teams should consider the following:

  • Text Complexity Has text complexity been considered when designing units of study and lesson plans? 
  • Prior Learning What is the level of student readiness?
  • Instructional Strategies How should teachers plan rigorous instruction to appropriately challenge and motivate students?
  • Differentiation How can teachers meet the needs of all students while maintaining fidelity to grade level bands?
  • Assessment How will local assessments support and inform teaching and learning?
K-12 Sample Lesson Plans
Grade 1 [DOC]
Grade 1 [DOC]
Grade 2 [DOC]
Grade 2 [DOC]
Grade 3 [DOC]
Grade 4 [DOC]
Grade 5 [DOC]
Grade 6 [DOC]
Grade 6 [DOC]
Grade 6 [DOC]
Grade 7 [DOC]
Grade 9 [DOC]
Grade 10 [DOC]

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