SDE: Connecticut Mastery Test

{Connecticut Mastery Test}

The Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) is the standard assessment administered to students in Grades 3 through 8. Students are assessed in the content areas of reading, mathematics, writing and science (Grades 5 and 8). Reports of individual student achievement relative to performance standards in each of these content areas are provided to the school districts and parents/guardians of each student tested. The CMT provides information about achievement that is used for many purposes including:

  • setting high expectations and standards for student achievement;
  • testing a comprehensive range of academic skills;
  • disseminating useful test achievement information about students, schools and districts;
  • identifying students in need of intervention;
  • assessing equitable educational opportunities; and
  • monitoring student progress in Grades 3 through 8 over time.


Connecticut Mastery Test Contact:
Telephone: 860-713-6890

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