SDE: Connecticut Academic Performance Test

{Connecticut Academic Performance Test}
Prior to 2015, the Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT) was the standard assessment administered to students in Grade 10. Students were assessed in the content areas of reading, mathematics and writing. Students in Grade 10 continue to be assessed with the CAPT Science. Reports of individual student achievement relative to performance standards in each of these content areas are provided to school districts and parents/guardians of each student tested. The CAPT provides information about achievement that is used for many purposes including:
  • establishing high performance standards for all Grade 10 students on a comprehensive range of important skills and knowledge;
  • emphasizing the application and integration of skills and knowledge in realistic contexts;
  • promoting better instruction and curriculum by providing information on student, school, and district strengths and weaknesses; and
  • providing an expanded measure of accountability for Connecticut’s educational system at the high school level.


Connecticut Academic Performance Test
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